Calvin Klein launches fall 2015 global ad campaign

Calvin Klein Inc. has launched their global fall campaign in collaboration with legendary artist Charles Atlas and it's pretty awesome!

Photographed in New York City the dynamic still images and videos feature models Grace Hertzel and Filip Hrivnak as well as Tami Williams, Maartje Verhoef and Otto Pierce.

Atlas is highly regarded and has been credited as a pioneer in the creation of media-dance. It's a blend of video and performance in which original dance is created specifically for the camera. His work has been shown at various international institutions including the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Calvin Klein launches fall 2015 global ad campaign

"Collaborating with an art luminary like Charles Atlas deepens the brand's connections with the art world," said Melisa Goldie, Chief Marketing Officer of Calvin Klein, Inc.

The ad campaign was produced under the creative direction of Calvin Klein's in-house ad agency and creative studio, and will comprise of a strategic mix of print, digital and outdoor advertising.