Brisbane's influential women on style & age

As we age it can be easy to fall into a fashion rut, and feel that there are certain items and trends that we can no longer wear.

We've asked Brisbane's most stylish and influential women to share their thoughts on their personal style, proving that the allure of fashion never fades. After all, as Miuccia Prada once said, "your age should never limit what you wear.”

Laura Chong poses in black blazer and glasses

"My fashion sense has evolved throughout the ages. But regardless, I've always tried to get the most out of my wardrobe with classic pieces that can transition with me throughout my day,"- Laura Chong, 20s, The 400 Co.

Aicha Robertson smiles for photo

"Age is just a number; don't let it limit your approach to fashion or your lifestyle in any way!"- Aicha Robertson, 20s, The Great Beyond.

 Laura Churchill poses with dangling earrings

"I'm far more confident in my style in my 30s. Knowing what works for me has made me less trend-driven in what I buy. A lot of the pieces I invest in now, I'll love for years to come. I definitely dress more for me now than anyone else."- Laura Churchill, 30s, The Style Report.

Sally Steele poses with bob in t shirt

“Fashion is an art form that I adore, and the creativity of the people involved never fails to inspire me. I feel that I am more daring in my 40s because I care less about what others think, and I feel free to express my mood or current inspiration however I like. I care more about sustainable style and the impact of my choices on others and our world, so my fashion focus has definitely shifted.” Sally Steele, 40s, Steele My Style.

Lise Carlaw and Sarah Wills pose for photo

"As a mother of two young children, my style has evolved to be colourful, functional, socially acceptable versions of pyjamas and nighties. I'm not even kidding.” Sarah Wills, Those Two Girls.

"I love the minimalist aesthetic. More and more, I am embracing simple, practical, classic combinations with a bit of an unexpected, androgynous twist. I love jeans, I love blazers, and I particularly love a good quality t-shirts and a statement sneaker. I'm basically the straight version of Ellen Degeneres.” Lise Carlaw, Those Two Girls.

Lene Lyhne Bentley poses for photo

“Contemporary style is something I have always followed. Coming from Denmark, I’ve grown up surrounded with modern Scandinavian style all around me and I’ve kept this style over the years. However, it has become “less is more” with age. In my forties I find that I know exactly which fashion trends suit me, and I believe that the key in fashion is choosing the right accessories with your outfit. The secret to embracing your age is to not be afraid to experiment with bold designer jewellery.” Lene Lyhne Bentley, 40s, Daniel Bentley Fine Jewellery .

Kath Rose poses with colourful zebra

"I simply dress to make myself happy. Sometimes it’s full on blasts of colour and mashups that would make a stylist cringe in a corner, and other times it’s black-on-black-on-black that would make a Melbourneite proud. I believe what I wear reflects who I am and how I feel, and also how I want other people to feel when they are with me. I love feeling ‘up’, and fashion allows me to do that more than anything else. I believe you can speak a million words with what you wear, so I am always very clear with what I say. Give me brand new Supre, vintage from New York, silk from Sri Lanka... I mix it up with Australian designers, Brisbane fashion leaders and then throw in a brilliant purchase from St Vinnie’s or the Endeavour Foundation op shop. Always add sparkle, colour, creativity, characters and crazy." – Kath Rose, 40s, Kath Rose & Associates.