Bras N Things Solutions secret ‘hacks’

With the weather warming up and ‘party season’ just around the corner, whether you are off to the races, awards night, or end of year Christmas parties the Bras N Things Solutions range will make any party outfit a perfect fit.

Let’s be honest, your outfit is only as good as your base layer. Yup, we’re talking lingerie secrets today. And no, it’s not about the saucy pieces you pull out for sexy time. We’re ready to discuss the power players that will elevate your style and have you looking effortlessly fabulous no matter how tricky the cut or design is of your look.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve bought beautiful cocktail dresses with cheeky cut outs or plunging necklines and thought, I can make this work when I’ve tried it on in the change room. Only then to get home and realise that not a single bra is suitable!

I recently picked up a striking blood red figure hugging number for date night. I was so excited to wear it until I was hit with the realisation that my strapless bra could be seen and it still didn’t give me enough cleavage at the front for the ultimate wow effect.

I also had another incident where a figure hugging pencil skirt didn’t pull me in in the right places. I felt a little vulnerable with some jiggle. (hey, I’m being honest) and I needed a body slip to hold me in for a flawless finish.

With these frustrating experiences and having styled countless women, I’ve chosen a few undergarment essential solutions that I cannot live without thanks to Bras N Things.

Problem: Low back
Solution: Low Back Bra Extender

  • Hide your bra back wings under low back outfits
  • Attaches to most 2 row hook and eye bras
  • Reusable and machine washable

Problem: Tight bra
Solution: 3 x 3 Hook Bra Extender

  • Add extra centimetres to your bra underband
  • Suitable for 3 row hook and eye bras
  • Attach extender to your own bra hook and eye

Problem: Need to hide visible bra straps
Solution: Invisible Bra Straps

  • Alternative to a strapless bra
  • Support the bra while remaining discreet

Problem: Need to secure outfit in place
Solution: Adhesive Body Tape

  • Secure cut away garments to your body
  • 20 x single use pieces
  • Adheres to fabric as well as skin for a secure fit

Problem: Need nipple coverage
Solution: Re-usable Silicone Nipple Covers

  • Avoid nipple show
  • Create a smooth, seamless look over the bust
  • 1 x reusable pair to be worn up to 50 times

Problem: Can’t wear a bra, but need support
Solution: Magician Uplift Stickers

  • Support the bust under plunging and cut away garments
  • 3 pairs of single use disposable stickers included. Can be trimmed to suit most outfit
  • Not suitable for breasts larger than a C cup

Problem: Plunging neckline
Solution: Silicone Adhesive Cups

  • Lift, shape and support bust
  • Suitable for plunging, side showing and backless outfits
  • Re-usable up to 50 times if care instructions are followed

Problem: Backless
Solution: Supalite Silicone Adhesive Bra with centre front clip

  • Backless and strapless adhesive bra
  • Use centre front clip to create cleavage
  • Re-usable up to 50 times if all care instructions are followed

Problem: Need extra cleavage
Solution: Corset Adhesive Bra


  • Lift, shape and support bust
  • Create extra cleavage under any outfit
  • Lace up tighter for desired bust swell

Problem: Need to boost and lift the bust
Solution: Silicone Push Up Inserts

  • Create extreme lift and cleavage and enhance bust size by one cup size
  • Re-usable silicone inserts that can be worn in any bra
  • Place in bottom of your bra cup for lift, or position to the side of cup to enhance cleavage