Boobie Trap - The Perfect Bra Storage System

Emma Avison thought the same thing when she came up with the idea of a simple bra storage system, designed to keep bras untangled and easy to identify in your lingerie drawer. The Boobie Trap, designed in WA, is a unique and simple invention that simply slots into most drawers for convenient bra storage.

Studying for a degree in hospitality and tourism management, Emma was naturally an organised person, but the lingerie drawer is an area that always escaped order.

"I would reach into my drawer to pull out one bra and I would end up with three, plus some knickers and maybe even the odd stocking all tangled up!" She said, and after floating the idea to her girlfriends, the idea was born.


The Boobie Trap itself is a clear, moulded modular set of individual bra shelves that can fit into a drawer, or if you like on top of a shelf to have them on display. They are easy to clip together, and each section can fit about two or three bras, depending on padding and fabric.

It was not an overnight success, "I had the idea in my head, but it's hard to express a design in drawings, especially when you don't come from a design background". Emma turned the idea over in her mind before meeting the team at Form Design, a design team in Bibra Lake who helped her through the design process.

"I went through about 5 designs over quite a period of time; eventually I ended up with one close to what I had initially imagined."

A year later, Emma went into production and the Boobie Trap product was close to reality. "Once I was happy with the product, I had to think about packaging as well, which I was very particular about." Initially wanting something elegant and simple with purely the product name on the box, she soon realised that something non-descriptive would be easy to walk past in a store. "I decided to add some strong colours and a bit of lace to the package, so that ladies would want to stop and look at what this bra shaped thing was!"


The process of invention to reality wasn't all glamour and magic, and Emma credits her ambition and hard work ethic with getting her motivated. "There has been a lot of tears of frustration, working through weekends, late at night and early mornings. I use my home as my warehouse, so the whole place is full of Boobie Traps."

Emma also credits her close family for keeping her grounded throughout the adventure. "My mum would be on the phone to me, telling me to be patient and not to give up." Her advice to aspiring inventors out there is one of persistence. "Everyone is so impatient and they seem to have a 'we want it now' mentality, but for something like this, persistence, patience and attitude goes a long way, you have to learn to control your emotions".

Emma would love to see her product gracing the shelves of lingerie stores around Australia and New Zealand, but for now The Boobie Trap is currently available on Emma's website for $29.99, and each package comes with 5 bra shelf compartments. "I was thinking about women like myself, and thought that every girl should have one of these to protect their bras, so the price point is kept to a minimum to reflect that."

Shop now at Boobie Trap or visit their Facebook page here.