Australian fashion and style trend report for 2017

Are you ahead of the back and already wearing the latest Australian fashion and style trends for 2017?

With the latest Australian fashion and style trends starting to make an impact in 2017, we've decided to shine the spotlight on the favourites that are sure to be the most popular this upcoming season.



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Sexy slip dresses, minimalism and gothic drama. The 90s trend isn’t going anywhere. Chokers, butterfly clips, fisherman hats, black nails, brown lipstick, and loads of mascara calls for a total 90s flashback. We’re not too sure how to feel about it but hey, it’s impacting our Pinterest boards and our wardrobes. It appears that this 2017 Australian fashion and style trend is a keeper.



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Faux fur has to be one of the biggest and warmest fashion and style trends of the season. Coloured fur in sugary pink, opulent sapphire blues, rich reds or emerald greens, it’s a fashion favourite! Think fur coats, fur vests or fur details on collars and even shoes! It’s a bit glamorous so you’re sure to make a fabulous statement with one of these fur faves in Australia during 2017.



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If you’re a 90s baby then the 2000s will feel pretty damn recent. Yes, remember what you were wearing as a teenager? (cringe) Well, it’s back. Think lip rings, (thanks Kim Kardashian), Cher hair, low rider jeans, midriffs, hun buns, heavy eyeliner, flat caps, bandannas, and over-sized hoop earrings.



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Pretty in pink isn’t going anywhere. The ladylike colour is here to play and stay. This season, the fashion world is obsessed with this shade and it’s almost inevitable that at some point, you will wear and work it in 2017. From pastel pink, frosted pink, magenta to berry or Barbie pink – as long as it’s pink it’s in!



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The 70s trend has been teasing us for a little while now. There have been elements over the past few seasons where it’s somewhat prominent but we’re expected to see a distinct return with flares, high-waisted pants, god forbidden corduroy, mustard and psychedelic patterns. Fringing has also been a top favourite that is easily adaptable to any existing wardrobe. Whether it be 70s safari, 70s boho or 70s glam rock – there are many different ways to introduce the popular fashion trend into your 2017 wardrobe.



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Possibly a hint to our technological future, metallics are all the rage. Gracing our day looks and shining through to our glam evening outfits, the trend is: glimmering fabrics, reflective silver and gold, heavy metals and eye-catching crystals. As long as it is metallic – you’re on trend.



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This season is all about texture. We love the drama and the detail that has come to play. From sequins to meticulous details of embellishments, nothing is flat and boring, this trend is all about dimension! Beautiful velvets, beading, faux fur, ruffles and pleating are all adding elements of a detail impact. Are you brave enough to wear this 2017 Australian fashion and style trend?