An organised wardrobe equals a happy life

Guide to organising your wardrobe

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Is your wardrobe essentially a fashion crime scene due to the unorganised mess in your closet? Well fear not, this simple guide will help you create an organised and fresh wardrobe in no time.

1. “Have I worn this in the past year?”

This is perhaps the most important question to ask yourself while decluttering your wardrobe. You’d be surprised at the amount of forgotten clothes you actually have once you clean out your closet. (And how often do you say you have nothing to wear?). Sort your clothing into items your wear frequently and then items you hardly wear, and start from there.

2. Part ways with the sentimental pieces.

Are you hanging onto that old blouse because it reminds you of your holiday from 5 years ago? Get rid of it! Unless it’s your wedding dress, remember your precious memories from your photographs, not from your clothes!

3. Develop a hanger system.

When hanging your clothes, ensure you turn all of the hangers around so the hooks are facing away from the wardrobe wall (the wrong way around). Whenever you wear something hang it back in your closet with the hanging facing the “normal way”. After 6 months anything that is still hanging the wrong way around is ready for donation.


4. Get rid of everything that doesn’t fit

We all have a pair of skinny jeans that we use for fitness inspiration. However, more often than not they sit in our wardrobes collecting dust, or worse, taking up crucial space for jeans that actually fit us! Stop beating yourself up and get rid of anything that doesn’t make you feel gorgeous in your own skin. We can guarantee there are plenty of flattering pieces that fit your every curve beautifully.

5. Don’t be a shoe hoarder.

A lot of us strive to have a shoe collection like Carrie Bradshaw’s (the dream), however there’s a big difference between shoe collecting and shoe hoarding. Give your toes a rest and get rid of any uncomfortable or outdated shoes, especially those flats that still give you blisters after the 10th wear.

6. Ask yourself the serious questions.

“Would I buy this dress if I saw it in a boutique today?”, “Do I like it?”, “If I saw someone on the street wearing this would I want to steal their style?”
Basic questions like these really help you when you reach Wardrobe Organising Stress Stage (WOSS) and you find yourself wanting to keep everything just in case.

7. Build a “Category Wardrobe”

Whilst it does sound borderline OCD, through creating sections within your wardrobe for specific items, i.e a section for your dresses, skirts and blouses, your wardrobe will continue to stay neat and organised. You will know exactly where to find your favourite LBD on a spontaneous night out, without holding up your girlfriends.

Guide to an organised wardrobe