Alex Perry Says White is Right this Summer

Alex Perry Says White is Right this Summer

While the thought of head-to-toe white clothing may instill fear in many, Electrolux fabric care ambassador Alex Perry insists that white is the perfect colour for warm Australian summers. From skinny white pants, to the strapless white gown or the classic white blazer, he is the one person who knows what's on trend in white this season.

Alex Perry has teamed up with Electrolux to help everyone feel confident wearing white by employing a few simple tricks.

"I think many women are scared of wearing white. There is a wide misconception that white isn't flattering but in fact an all white outfit can actually help to elongate the body," says Alex.

"White is the perfect colour for our warm Australian climate because it's fresh and you look healthy and youthful. Wear white with confidence and pick your days. A beautiful bright sunny summery day is the one you put it on for."

To help people keep their whites looking new for longer, Alex says that a little bit of TLC is the key.

"As a fashion designer I know how important it is to create a garment that not only looks fabulous, but can also be cared for without too much fuss. This is why I love the Electrolux Inspiration range of laundry appliances - these appliances have been designed to take the guess work out of laundry, whilst providing the very best care for the clothes that you love.

Alex Perry Says White is Right this Summer

"If you're anything like me, you can guarantee that if you're going to spill something on yourself, it's going to be when you're wearing white. It's Murphy's Law. As the Electrolux fabric care ambassador, my advice is to quickly spot clean the area which will help prevent the stain from setting, and then get it into your washing machine as soon as possible."

Alex Perry and Electrolux share some of their top tips for wearing and caring for whites:

Alex's favourite white trends this season

- Learn from Liz Hurley. Liz loves her skinny white jeans with a heel and singlet top. It's a really great summery look. Depending on your style, you can wear wide leg pants, skinny jeans, or ankle grazers. They all look great.

- The white blazer. This is a fantastic piece for both men and women. Team it with some well cut jeans and it's instant chic.

- Not only reserved for your wedding day, a white lace dress is one of my favourite looks this summer. It's sexy and modern, but also has a touch of old glamour.

Alex Perry Says White is Right this Summer


- Don't be afraid of white. It's fresh and can make you look healthy and youthful.

- Forget the plumping effect. Black might be slimming but white can still be flattering. An all white outfit can help to elongate the body - try a beautiful white shirt and pant combo.

- Team with a (fake) tan. If you're planning to wear white to a special occasion get yourself a good spray tan ahead of the event and wash it off. Don't go too dark, a light or medium shade looks best.


- Model behaviour. There's nothing worse than seeing make up on your clothes or bronzer on a white neck line. When you're getting dressed, wrap a chiffon change scarf around your head, put your garment on, then whip it off. This is how models do it. If you're doing your makeup in your whites pop some tissues around your neckline so the remnants fall on the tissue and your clothes are still clean.

- Cut your dry cleaning bill. Dry cleaning fluids on pale items can discolour the fabric over time. Instead, use laundry powders designed for whites and wash with the Electrolux Jetsystem™, which gently massages the water and detergent through your wash to provide the superior care that your clothes deserve.

Alex Perry Says White is Right this Summer

- Away with stain pain. If you happen to spill something on your whites, get some water or soda water on the stain immediately so it doesn't set in the fibres. As soon as you can, wash the garment in your premium washing machine.

- Customise your clothes care by selecting one of Electrolux's 12 wash settings, perfect for any situation especially washing whites. Even garments labelled 'hand wash' can be machine washed using Electrolux's hand wash program – it will actually do a better job than you and be gentler on your clothes.

- To refresh your whites before wear use the Electrolux Vapour Action program. The short refresh cycle will revive and freshen your garments.

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