Aborad: Paris & New York


Parisian fashion is difficult to define, men and women present unique style throughout the seasons. The streets are filled with colour, clashing prints, contrasting hem lines, fine accessories, leather and as many dainty ballet flats as sky-high heels, all carried off in the up-most of class, sophistication, and confidence. Consider high street Champs Elysees in the spring; complete with the origins of the world’s biggest luxury labels, especially Chanel and Dior, and all beneath the Eiffel Tower. Fashion week held annually in Autumn plays host to the best of the best; designers, attendees and bloggers from around the globe. The winter months are fashionably fresh, with fur high on the style agenda and women not particularly fussed that it’s eight degrees outdoors and their skirts as many inches above the knee. In all, Parisian fashion is in the eye of the beholder. Locals aren’t afraid of head-to-toe designer luxury nor under-stated vintage glam. The fashion of the French capital is truly bespoke, utterly unique and forever changing.


Changing at a rate similar to the city that never sleeps: New York. A city with a population of more the eight million people, the most populous city in the United States and a gateway for international culture, New York City is up with Paris in the Fashion stakes. New York is home to as many fashion bloggers as squirrels (more than necessary), contributing to the city’s globally aware style. Locals are more likely to create and follow international trends and influences than Paris. Seasonal trends are made popular in New York before hitting the streets of Australia as the climate changes. Louis Vuitton and Prada originally presented the pastel trend ahead of the likes of Ginger and Smart and Dion Lee picking up the palette home in Australia.


The percentage of the New York population following high-street luxury fashion is less than that of Paris, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less significant in shaping the city’s style. Top design houses in New York play host to the contents of boutiques and apartment stores world-wide. David Jones can only hope to stand up to the infamous Saks, a store with a whole floor dedicated to footwear and its own postcode, for the city’s style is about as globally influential as the country’s economy. The streets of New York are filled with the trend of the season, mixed up with the wearer’s personal style. Locals aren’t afraid of taking fashion to the next level, with colour, silhouettes and heels (quite literally) all in the highest of proportions!

In all, the fashion and style of Pairs and New York can’t be compared except to say they’re completely different! Culture, people, designers and seasons all contribute to utterly bespoke, unique and tailored fashion, a concept so much more obvious in New York and Paris than anywhere else in the world. Pack your bags for international fashion is calling!