Ab Fab Spring Summer 2012/13 Sneak Peak



Designers have pulled together and created looks like never seen before. We are looking forward to how the Australian Fashionista's interpret and embrace the sporty trends as well as mixing and matching to create their individual styles.

We are going to talk about one of the biggest trends of Spring Summer 2012/13. We have mixed emotions talking about this look, because some good and some tasteless diva's will take this trend to an interesting level. Here is what we think.

Trend: Ab Fab

The exposed midriff is back like never before. Designers have banded together to create this trend and let's be honest, it's not for everyone.

The successful key to pulling off this trend is to keep the belly button under wraps, and expose just a tasteful flash of skin below the bandeau.

Dolce & Gabbana and Emilio Pucci to name some are the designers who are featuring this look. No doubt we will see it in our chain stores and unfortunately we will see this tastelessly worn on the streets. But our style secret to pulling this look off is to wear a high waisted pencil skirt and a cute printed bustier with a sexy pointed stiletto and a large cocktail ring.

So think sexy and classy with a hint of cheeky.