A Thrilling & Threatening Time for Brisbane | TOPSHOP TOPMAN Opens

Currently, the Australian fashion industry has been under enormous pressure with some of the biggest names closing and walking away from their empires. One is to wonder how such a powerful retailer like Topshop is going to impact the already damaged market.

Prue Thomas, Group Marketing Director responded, "TOPSHOP TOPMAN is encouraging an influx of foot traffic. We are encouraging shoppers to shop."

"It will impact other retailers .... But this is a new revolution."


Today, TOPSHOP TOPMAN threw open their doors to the hundreds of shoppers who were awaiting the highly anticipated moment, to finally shop.

This UK high street leader has launched their largest store to date in Australia. Looking to the future, there are plans that TOPSHOP will open in Melbourne mid-April and Perth to join in on the action late 2014.

With a secretive budget at hand, but the notion of 'nothing has being done half hearted', TOPSHOP TOPMAN has successfully wowed shoppers with their impressive fit out.

Spread across three levels, the store houses the same Unique, Boutique, mainline, trends, footwear, basics, denim and accessories collections that have been widely celebrated in both its Sydney and Melbourne stores and internationally. As leaders of the high street, TOPSHOP TOPMAN are the only fast fashion brands to regularly present collections at London Fashion Week, setting seasonal fashion trends.


An absolute instore treat, is the first class free personal shopping service offered within the Brisbane store. The trends are categorised into four key looks titled, 'Running Wild' - a free and effortless mix of denim and tie dye pieces, 'Chateau Femme' - a very Mary-Kate Olsen look with an old Hollywood vibe, 'Dear Siouxsie' whch is all about the glitter and the glam, and finally 'Tokyo Bloom, which focuses on oriental prints, clean lines and pastels.

The third level of this dynamic store is strictly dedicated to the TOPMAN which has one trend called 'Street Grunge'. There is a wide range available within this concept as some of pieces are pushing the boundaries in men's fashion and finally offering fashion forward choices.

The TOPSHOP TOPMAN is now open to the public with their 7 day free personal shopping service available across all departments. Let's just say, the 'game change' has begun.