A fashion insider's guide to surviving MBFF


Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane (MBFF) is no doubt one of the busiest, exciting and albeit demanding times of the year. Whilst mingling, having your photo taken and sipping on champagne, you're racing to shows, weaving your way through the crowd and trying to keep calm while seeing your favourite designers and their collections strut down the runway. As we understand that this can be an overwhelming and chaotic time, we've put together our top six tips to help you conquer MBFF like a pro.

Plan your amazing outfits in advance

We understand that the thought of finding the perfect outfit for numerous shows can be a daunting feat. Try not to let your nerves get the best of you and stick to the styles and trends that you know best, and feel most comfortable in. While MBFF is always the perfect time to bring out your tallest, most eccentric stilettos, just keep in mind that you may be waiting in line for shows for a while and there’s nothing worse than sore toes ruining your night.

External phone battery

There’s nothing worse than reaching for your phone to Instagram an amazing runway snap, just to find that your phone is on 5%! Make sure you have a backup plan, so you can keep all your social media followers up to date on your MBFF experience.

Stay hydrated

While the constant flow of champagne is glamorous, make sure you have plenty of water to stay hydrated.

Breath mints

Ensure all your conversations at MBFF are minty-fresh with a supply of breath mints in your purse. They can be a conversation saviour.

Keep calm and pose on

As strange as it sounds, perfecting a few poses in your bathroom mirror will come in handy at MBFF. You never know when the photographers are going to take pictures of your fabulous outfit.

Top tip

Our most essential tip to survive MBFF is to have fun! Enjoy Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival Brisbane, and we are sure we’ll see you there.

Words: Jessica Lunan