A fashion editors guide to breaking into the fashion industry

How to be a fashion editor

When telling people (especially the non-fashion obsessed) that I’m a Fashion Editor, I can receive quite a few eye rolls; once I was even told “oh you’re one of those people”. You mean someone that is hardworking, passionate and so happens to drool over the latest Fashion Weeks happening all across the world? Well, yes! As glamorous as the fashion industry can appear, it requires a lot of hard work and at times can be difficult to break into. However, I have your back with these pieces of advice which has helped me to land the amazing role I have here at Fashion Weekly, and will hopefully help those aspiring to be involved in the Fashion Industry.

Channel all of your experience to make you into the fashion recruitment jackpot!

While writing up your resume and cover letter have a deep think into all of the experiences you have received during the years, regardless if you’ve attended university or not. Even include your years of hospitality roles while also highlighting the valuable backstage dressing tips you've under your belt since volunteering at last year’s Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival. It all shows your potential employer that you have numerous experiences in different fields along with an array of verstatile and varied skills.


You’ve probably heard of this numerous times, but interning is possibly the most valuable thing that anyone can do when trying to break into any industry. By gaining as much hands-on experience that you can, and making connections with your employer and fellow employees, you will be gaining valuable contacts who you will know for the rest of your career. Interning can also help you determine what specific field you want to be involved in.

Dress the Part

How to be a fashion editor

Shop the look: 1, 2, 3, 4

So you’ve landed an amazing interview at your favourite fashion magazine? The first thought that can pop into your head is what will I wear?! While we thrive for uniqueness within this stylish industry, it’s always best to stick to classic, professional looks that still manage to reflect your personal style. A printed skirt that sits at the knee is always a safe option, and paired with a simple blouse, intricate jewellery and a pair of gorgeous heels will have you looking instantly chic and professional. 

Just say yes

Asked to get coffee, or your main role is to make copies? Through saying yes and being enthusiastic about all the tasks that you are given, and completing your tasks to the highest standards that they deserve (even if you are organising emails) you not only show that you are reliable, but that you’re passionate about the fashion industry and that you put your hands up for anything. Your employers will remember you when a promotion opportunity comes up.

Confidence is key

As the saying goes, “it’s not what you know it’s who you know”, which is a mantra that definitely relates to the fashion industry. In your role at a fashion magazine you will be invited to the most glamorous and fabulous events, where you will be given the opportunity to network and mingle with the best of the best. Maintain your cool and be confident when meeting your idols, and try to keep graciously calm when someone says they loved your article on the best boutiques in your city.

 How to be a fashion editor

Make sure you’re doing what you love

If you don’t have an absolute passion for fashion (excuse the rhyme) and you haven’t got a flare for writing, your job as a fashion journalist will become quite repetitive, and soon the struggle will be real if you don’t live and breathe all things fashion.

We’re not all the devil in Prada

Miranda Priestly, the Editor-in-Chief from hell in the film, Devil Wears Prada, has definitely made an impact on society’s perception that the fashion industry is filled with judgmental, scary individuals. This is something that I must admit I was worried about before entering this world, but I was incredibly happy to find out that I have only encountered kind, fun and fabulous individuals. Through being nice to everyone you encounter you not only create an amazing first impression, but you’ll be remembered as you move up the fashion ladder.

How to be a fashion editor