A Bright Future


Being a young brand they are taking it one step at a time and trying to grow at a sustainable rate. The collection is available for purchase online, but also stocked in Heidi Go Seek, SOOT and The Happy Cabin in Brisbane.


Wearing many hats within her company, Lis designs and samples herself and once things are ready to hit production she works with a great team of manufactures in Brisbane. "To me, it is really important to keep everything local."

Inspired by art and people walking down the street, 'Bright' was born. What fascinated Harvey, was the exploration and the playful aspect of experimenting with colour.


With a background in photography, Harvey was also the photographer and creative director for their latest campaign. Angie from Division Models is the face of this season's collection and everything that Angie represents ties in with the values of the Brand. "I have a responsibility about being ethical, so I wanted to choose a model who was very healthy and beautiful. Her skin tone worked amazingly and she is really


fun. On the day of the shoot, Angie was nervous at first, but then started jumping around and having fun and she really nailed the look."


Liz Harvey has started something that is quite exciting and as the local community gets behind her, I am sure she has a 'Bright' future ahead of her.

Visit: www.nicounderwear.com