9 hacks to help you get your blog noticed

Some helpful hints to spark some interest for your new blog!

Some helpful hints to spark some interest for your new blog

These days, it seems like every man and his dog (literally), have their very own fashion blog. Due to the abundance of sites popping up all over the web, it can be quite the challenge to find a way to stand out from the crowd. Here are 9 helpful hacks that will have all eyes on your blog in no time.

1. Informative content

It's all well and good to post your #ootd, but despite the initial aesthetic appeal, content is what keeps readers coming back for more. Be sure to put considerable thought into ever post that goes up on your site and differentiate yourself from the masses by writing accurately and informatively. Don't just show us what you wore, tell us where to wear it, give us some insight into the designer or perhaps explain the myriad of ways to style the pieces. Aim to write no less than 300 words of text to accompany each blog post. Believe us, readers will come flocking.

2. High quality images

Despite the importance of content, a single, blurry photo can undo all of your hard work in seconds. Fashion blogs need to be easy on the eyes, and quality, high resolution photos is the way to do this. Grab yourself a proper camera (if possible), or alternatively, ensure that your iPhone photos are properly focused and adjusted to fit all scenes. Make sure you download professional quality editing apps to be sure that your pictures are just the way you like them.

3. Frequent posting

There's nothing worse than an inactive blog. What's the point of following someone if they don't constantly keep you engaged. The rule of thumb is 1 blog post a week and 1 Instagram photo per day. Try your best to adhere to these guidelines. Nothing will turn your readers off faster than a lack of action in their feed. So, take our advice, and keep posting!

4. Active social media presence

Social media is the perfect platform for bloggers. Instagram is of course, the front runner, but Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest are definitely not too far behind. Ensure that you are constantly interacting with others in these forums. Use tools like hashtags, check ins, tagging (as well as good old fashioned liking and commenting) to get involved in the online community and build yourself a digital ecosystem of connections – these will come in handy later!

5. Networking

They weren’t kidding when they said 'it's all about who you know.' Attend blogger's lunches, runway shows, styling workshops and any other events you can squeeze in to your crazy calendar. Despite our reliance on the Internet, the good old word of mouth can sometimes reap the best results. Be confident and friendly and make as many connections as you can. Bloggers, designers, models, stylists... the more the better.

6. Collaboration

Reach out to not only other aspiring bloggers, but young designers and entrepreneurs too. You will be surprised how many of them are keen to join forces. Not only will you gain access to their followers and client bases, but you will gain invaluable experience that you'd fail to get elsewhere – there's no down side!

7. Self promotion

Now, don't go spamming your poor friends. But don't be afraid to direct friends and family to your site. Whether it's by word of mouth or by posting a link on your personal social media pages, it is a fool proof way to grab yourself a bunch of new readers. Your blog is fabulous, so own it! Show off all of your hard work.

8. Engaging your community

If your local gym puts on a new class, or the cafe down the road gets a new menu, get on down there and get snapping. Post pictures of your news and include a short review of the service. Be sure to speak to someone at the venue and let them know what you've done. Chances are, they'll repost it, and with that comes a whole hoard of new followers. Word will get around and more and more locals will be looking to you for the latest scoop on all the events in your area, you never know where this could take you!

9. Documenting all important events

From red carpet affairs such as The Oscars and The Met Gala to an upcoming album launch or movie premiere, it is essential that you are on top of all the latest events. It's the perfect opportunity to post a write up on your blog and share your favourite looks on Instagram. Your followers will feel well informed and you will engage with others posting about the topic, staying up to date is the key to success.

Words: Sophie Catsoulis