8 things that will make your home Instagrammable

Update your interiros and make your home more Instagramable with these easy tips!

As the saying goes, "if you didn’t Instagram it did it really happen?" Here at Fashion Weekly we are obsessed with Instagram and interiors, so we thought to fuse our two passions together and share with you the easy updates you can acquire to make your home more Instagrammable.

1. Marble


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It's no secret that marble is the texture featured across every ‘It’ Instagram. Now thanks to retail stores like Kmart and Target hopping on the bandwagon you can acquire your own luxe marble pieces that will instantly update your space, and won’t cost an arm and a leg. Think candle holders and coasters that you can strategically place in your flat lays to update your ‘Gram.

2. All white everything


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It’s always best to work with a clean canvas, so if you have the luxury of having the option to paint your walls (sorry renters) then ensure you make them white! Crisp, white walls will make everything else in your home pop and brings everything together. With a lick of paint your home will create Insta-envy, instantly!

3. Greenery


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Think a fresh vase of posies, cacti or a magnificent indoor plant. These will add a pop of colour against your white walls and an instant element of freshness to your home. Plus, it’ll be smelling divine.

4. Faux fur


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Like marble, faux fur is another texture seen in all successful flat lays. Inject these into your home through pillows, carpet or even a throw blanket on the end of your bed or couch.

5. Throw pillows


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We are obsessed with throw pillows because by mixing them up you can instantly have a new aesthetic. Opt for bejewelled, bohemian pieces for an effortless eclectic vibe or mix prints and textures for a cosy aesthetic.

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6. Metallic hues.


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Last year was all about rose gold, and whilst it’s still popular on our feeds, now it’s all about the traditional metallics. Add pops of gold and silver through candle holders and knick-knacks scattered throughout your home for an on-trend aesthetic.

7. A wall feature of prints


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A collection of small prints adds instant interest to any room and is a great way to make a totally unique feature. And they will especially pop on your chic white walls.

8. A collection of chic books


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Show you’re a cultured fashionista and create a collection of chic fashion books. These look stunning scattered on your coffee table, or arranged on a book shelf.