8 Chic ways to upgrade your workwear in style

Who says workwear has to be boring?
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Striking the right balance between looking pretty and professional can be challenging to master. When you think about your nine-to-five wardrobe, it likely consists of smart black trousers, button-down shirts and tailored jackets. While these pieces are undeniably essential to power dressing, wearing the same old every day is bound to get boring.

If you're sick of the pencil skirt-shirt-pumps uniform at the office, we've come up with eight chic ways to upgrade your office wardrobe.

1. Swap your blazer for a trendy biker jacket.

Unless you work in an extremely conservative office, there's no need to always play it safe - add a little edge to your work uniform.

2. Match your pout to your pumps.

Who says you can't be playful and professional? Inject some colour into your look by matching your lip colour to your heels.

3. Swap the tailored trousers for a pair of wide leg pants.

You know what they say: "Everything old is new again" and this timeless look is a great way to refresh your work wardrobe. Make sure your pants don't swamp your frame by pairing them with a tucked in blouse to show off your waist.

4. Let your bag do the talking.

An impressive handbag can transform your entire look.

5. Tap into your sporty side with a side-stripe pant.

For a more sophisticated look, limit your outfit to a duo-tone colour palette.

6. Trade in your standard pencil skirt for an asymmetrical wrap skirt.

Basics feel fresher when paired with an unexpected skirt.

7. Swap the cardigan for a coat


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Invest in a stylish, trademark coat and throw it over everything.

8. Challenge yourself not to wear any black

Ban black for a day and introduce some airy florals to your work wardrobe for a bright, fresh look.



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