7 Ways to make getting dressed in the morning easier

Pastel clothes rack

So you spend your mornings hitting snooze more times than you can count only to jump out of bed and into the shower merely minutes before you have to leave for work? It is likely then that as stylish as you might consider yourself, you cringe at the thought of putting an outfit together when your brain is still pre-coffee foggy and you literally only have seconds!

These wardrobe hacks will guide you to a more streamlined closet that will make getting dressed and looking great easier than ever before.

1. Ensure you have quality basics

There should be a balance between trendy items and quality basics in your wardrobe. No matter what your personal style, there are staple items that every woman needs.

- A sleek black blazer that can pass as casual or dressy.
- Quality cotton tees in white, black and grey.
- The perfect fitting black skinny jeans.
- Classic pumps that you can walk in.
- A leather jacket.
- A well-fitting and comfortable LBD.

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2. Organise your wardrobe

Living with a messy and cluttered wardrobe will make getting dressed hard! Organise your closet into categories to ensure you know exactly what you have to work with.

3. Refresh your wardrobe once a week

Spend your Sunday afternoon going through your wardrobe and, thinking about the week ahead, pull some pieces that you would like to wear and place it on a separate clothing rail. Every Sunday, place all the items back into your closet and re-fresh your weekly picks.

Ensure all the items in your wardrobe are clean, free of stains and creasing and aren’t damaged.

4. Look stylish through layering

The simplest of outfits - like jeans and a tee - can be dressed up by adding layering pieces like a sleeveless vest or accessories. The key to layering without looking frumpy is to work with pieces that are varied in length.

Outfit ideas

5. Preparation is key

We are all constantly glued to our smartphones so why not make the most of fashion and style apps?

Keep track of what’s in your closet and which items would look good styled together with these apps:

Closet+ FREE (In-app purchases)
Closet+ allows you to snap images of your clothes and add items together to create an outfit. The app integrates with your smartphone calendar for streamlined outfit planning.

Stylebook $3.99
Stylebook allows you to take photos of the items in your closet, edit the background and put together potential outfits. Other features include packing and shopping lists, wardrobe planning and outfit inspiration.

6. Use texture and patterns to add interest to an outfit

Outfit ideas

Add a stylish edge to your outfit while ensuring your clothing pieces can be worn in many ways by choosing items with unique textures and prints.

On-trend textures: Faux fur, leather, fringing, metallic and lace details.
On-trend prints: Safari chic, romantic and abstract florals, stripes in all sizes and thickness and bold gingham prints.

7. Have one go-to handbag

As tempting as it is to match your purse to your outfit, keep things simple and avoid having to transfer your daily essentials by sticking with one bag during the week. Look for styles that are big enough to carry your essentials but not too big that you will gather unnecessary items and monochrome colours to match your daily style.

Words: Frances van Eeden