7 Things you should never do at your dream job interview

So you've landed your dream job interview and you are freaking out with excitement. What do you wear? How should you conduct yourself?

Things you shouldn't do at an interview from Devil Wears Prada in a fashion office

Those typical interview nerves start setting in and you think about all the things you have to do to be outstanding.

A simple slip up could cost you and possibly ruin your chances. So we've highlighted the top seven things you should never do at an interview to ensure you leave a fabulous impression!

Bad, brown, curly hair gif with anne hathaway from devil wears prada

Don't rock up with greasy hair

As basic as this may sound, having dirty, unkept and unwashed hair will stand out like a sore thumb. It also highlights that last night's antics were more important then waking up early and spending time styling your crown.

Model tripping at runway in high heels gif

Don't wear shoes you can't actually walk in

This is not the time to break out those Christian Louboutin six-inch stilettos. In all honesty, there is nothing more awkward than tripping over at an interview because you decided to wear stilts that you couldn't strut in.

pink bubble gum blowing and pop gif

Don't chew gum

Chewing gum is such a high-school and unprofessional habit that won't impress your potential employer. The golden rule is to spit out your chewing gum before you are even ten metres near the office building.

gossip girl gif telling everyone to be quiet

Don't ramble on - you are not there to make friends

Being nervous at an interview is actually a blessing in disguise. There's no room for over-confident divas in an interview. Don't get too comfortable and start chatting away like you're on a Gossip Girl's series. Keep your cool and don't ask the interviewer personal questions ... ever.

I love coffee emotion at job interview gif

Don't walk in with a takeaway coffee

Walking into an interview with a takeaway coffee is the first sign of failure. Don't ever feel the need to sip on caffeine when it's your time to shine. Point being: You are not every other celebrity.

Miley Cyrus ripping off t-shirt in music video

Underwear should stay under your clothes

Keep your lingerie choices as your very own secret. A job interview is not the time for experimentation where you can try to pull off the latest trends. Whatever you do, don't break the rules; don't wear your bra on the outside of your t-shirt, don't rock a mini skirt which results in you being unable to sit down without flashing everyone.

Kim Kardashian crying bitch face gif at a fashion interview

Don't ever say you are bad at interviews

Interviews can be quite nerve-racking but sometimes all you have to say to the interviewer is that you are nervous. They will appreciate your honesty. The last thing you ever want to do is tell them that you are 'bad at interviews'. This only reflects a lack of self-confidence which is extremely unattractive when a boss is looking to hire an employee.

The whole interview process is never a walk in the park but you sure can make an impact by holding yourself together, being professional regardless of the circumstances and making sure your entire look is on point. Oh, and always be authentic. Good luck!