7 things every punctual #GirlBoss does each morning

The tips and tricks to get you up and moving in the morning and make sure you are always on time!

Morning habits of a punctual girlboss like The Intern

Let's face it, not all of us are morning people, but as we (unfortunately) creep further into adulthood, it is becoming increasingly important to be up and at 'em in the AM. They say the early bird catches the worm, and in business this couldn't be closer to the truth.

We have put together a list of the seven essential things that every successful working woman does in the morning to ensure she is awake, alert and ready to take on the world.

1. Sweat it out

There is nothing more energising than a morning workout. Before you start grumbling and groaning, believe us, it works!

Hitting the gym before work not only kick starts your body, but also your brain and you will stroll into the office feeling happier than ever – thank you endorphins!

2. Toast it

Your mum was right, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Skipping breakfast can be detrimental to both your metabolism and your mind power, and is definitely not recommended for a productive day of work.

Don't even think about grabbing a hand full of almonds on your way out the door, get up a few minutes earlier and sit down for a proper serving of poached eggs and avo on toast – yum!

3. Cleanse away

This may sound pretty standard, but a consistent and comprehensive, morning skin routine will do you a world of wonders. Be sure to cleanse, tone and moisturise and keep your skin looking and feeling flawless.

4. Plan ahead

One of our top tips for being prepared and punctual is pre planning your outfits. We know how stressful selecting an outfit can be, so save yourself the wardrobe malfunction and lay out your clothes the night before so all you have to do is throw them on – what could be easier!

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5. Stop snoozing

The snooze button is one of the worst inventions ever, if you ask us. The oh so tempting touch of a button can put a major dent in your morning routine. Our trick – charge your phone out of reach so you actually have to get up to turn it off, so there's no sneaking those few extra winks!

6. Phone free

Waking up and jumping onto your phone or Macbook straight away is one of the worst possible ways to start your day. Be sure to leave the gadgets to the side and enjoy the company of your roommate, family or special someone before a big day. You'll start your day with a smile instead of a screen, what could be better?

7. Get going

Punctuality is paramount to success, and it goes without saying that showing up late on a Monday morning is a bad look. Your boss doesn't care if there was a traffic jam, make sure that you are always prompt by leaving the house that little bit earlier, you might even have time to stop for a coffee on the way – that's not so bad, is it?

There you have it, now you have no excuse for being late or drowsy tomorrow morning. Follow these tips and embrace the #GirlBoss you were born to be!

Words: Sophie Catsoulis