7 Reasons Why You Shouldn't be Afraid to Use the Word Sex

1. Don’t be afraid to say it
The only reason sex isn’t a common verb is we don’t like to use it - it’s a bit off-limits, a bit risky and completely loaded with social connotations. Let’s put sex and sexy back into our vocabulary. Shoes can be sexy, a cocktail can be sexy, a car can be sexy. We don’t have to be talking about our private life to say sex.

2. Know when to bring it up in conversation
The woman who says sex or sexy first is the one with the power, she owns the conversation, she began the night, she holds the power in the room. There are certain conversations which sex can make and others which sex can break and they’re pretty obvious. The conversation which includes the sexy cocktails, the sexy shoes and the sexy bar is probably one sex can make.

3. Don’t use it in text or email
This is the part where social connotations run wild. Like it or not, meaning is lost in text and email, so whoever it’s to and whatever the subject, probably don’t use it. Unless you’re skipping the bar and going straight to the after party if you know what we mean.

4. Think sexy to own the word
Using sex and sexy as power verb or adjective is useless if you’re wearing flats and behind your desk. If you want to make an impact by being the woman who said sex, make an impact by being the woman who got dressed first.

5. Don’t be afraid of the reaction
Generally speaking, we’re only going to use sex and sexy in a conversation with somebody we know will accept it. But if our judgment is a bit off and the recipient is taken back, perhaps change the subject. It was worth a shot but maybe they’re on a different level - and don’t wear Louboutins.

6. Don’t pretend it’s risky
Sex took off in the 80’s then died a slow death in the 90’s, a death we’re still trying to revive. If you’re going to get on the sex and sexy movement, don’t acknowledge the fact it’s still a bit taboo. Join the empire which is bringing sex back to life and stick with it.

7. Know it’s not naughty
In the right time and place, sex and sexy can have a massive impact on our wardrobes, our personality and our visage. Never feel like sex is a naughty word, that it shouldn’t be said. The one who is afraid of sex and sexy probably isn’t using it right (we mean the verb and the adjective). Say it with us now: sex, sex, sex.

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