7 Confessions From Women Who Live an Indulgent Life

She is indulgent and embodies irresponsibility and unattainability and that appears to be her power to a carefree dynamic.

We sat down with seven women whos complexes matched this criteria and they revealed why their indulgent sins are completely forgivable.

1. Satisfy my Cravings

Much like the popular quote by Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, "I bought Vogue instead of dinner. I just felt it fed me more." I too am a victim of indulging in the latest designer splurges instead of doing my grocery shopping.

Patricia, 27 NSW

2. Gym Junkie High

I would never call myself a gym junkie but when the inclination of healthy living kicks in I will go to the gym excessively for two weeks straight. I have to make the most of it right? But then it wears off because I've worn myself out and I fail miserably by indulging in unforgivable food - excessively.

Georgie, 25 QLD

3. Shots Never Stop

If you ever run into me on a Friday night, I'm the woman who starts her night quietly and sophisticatedly with a glass of red wine. By the time you've met me, and we are three classy drinks down I will convince you it's time for a shot. I only drink once in a while but when I do, I go BIG. It's fun at first but doesn't usually end as fancy as it started.

Kerry, 31 VIC

4. Virtual Addiction

I confess, sometimes I value my phone and social media more than the people around me. I often have better conversations with the people I'm texting rather than the person sitting across from me. I know my friends get frustrated but sometimes being virtually present is necessary.

Jacinta, 21 VIC

5. Save my Soles

I'm the over indulgent shoe addict. My friends tell me that I'll be the old lady who lives alone with her massive shoe collection. But no matter what they say my excessive sole obsession has saved my soul. Recently I was heart broken and I did what's normal, I bought a pair of Louboutins and of course they made me happy. In fact, it gave me a boost of confidence and that afternoon, I strutted into my local coffee shop and bumped into a cute guy, we started chatting and then exchanged numbers. We are going on our fourth date this weekend!

Drita, 26 NSW

6. Repeat Until I Can't Anymore

I'll find a new favourite restaurant in Brisbane that will change my life and I won't be able to stop the cravings. I become obsessed and I will go there two to three times a week for one to two months.

When I stumble across something major, I become addicted and sometimes I'll just be hung up on the one dish and I'll repeat that order until I can't anymore.

Frankie, 28 QLD

7. I'll Get My Way

If it's something that I want and it's unattainable I'll find a way to make it happen. I'll harp on it and dream about it until it comes to life. I can't help it, but my confidence and pride gets in the way and I become over indulgent. As I said, if I want it I'll do what it takes (sometimes without balance) to get what I need.

Erin, 25 SA