5 ways to easily make money in style

Simple ways to turn clutter into cash!

Simple ways to turn clutter into cash

We will be the first to admit that our wardrobes are overflowing with excess items that we've never been bothered to relocate. Those shoes we couldn't resist buying on sale even though we knew we'd never be able to squeeze our feet into them, that bag our mum gave us that just isn't our style, that fur coat we know it will never be cold enough to wear, we've got it all. But instead of throwing it away, or worse, leaving it all to clutter our cupboards, we've decided to put them to good use. Follow our 5 easy tips and enjoy a clean wardrobe and a wad of cash – what could be better?

1. Ebay/Gumtree

Ebay is without a doubt the easiest and most effective way to profit from unwanted items. You would be surprised how quickly your pieces will sell, and how much people are willing to pay. 2 seconds out of your life and voila, you will have some more funds for your savings account. (Who are we kidding, we know you'll just go shopping!)

2. For Sale pages on Facebook

Online pages for buying and selling are popping up all over social media. From designer wear to basics, there is bound to be the perfect page for you. Ask around or search the web and you will be overwhelmed with a plethora of forums to sell everything from your formal dress to your bedside table, right from the comfort of your couch!

3. Fashion markets/Suitcase rummages

Got a whole pile of unwanted stuff? Perfect! Look no further than the next fashion markets or suitcase rummage in your area. While you do have to leave the house for this one, you can get rid of (literally) a car load of pieces in one go. Say hello to all the forgotten closet space! Jump online and find the next event near you.

4. Rent-A-Dress

For the aspirational type who thinks they might just shed a few kilos and squeeze back into that little skirt, Rent-A-Dress is the site for you. This platform enables you to hold out hope for your favourite pieces, without leaving them to collect dust in the mean time. Monetise your wardrobe by loaning your clothes to like minded girls in your city. You'll most likely make more than you spent in the first place – win!

5. Swap meets

Stuck for time (or energy) to hit the shops but sick of constantly wearing the same thing? Here's how to revamp your wardrobe in one supercharged session. Head on down to a swap meet and trade your over worn pieces, for someone else's. You'll get rid of all your clutter, and score yourself a bunch of new, cute additions to your cupboard- it's as simple as that.

So there you have it. Attack your closet and revitalise your wardrobe in seconds. We bet you never realised how handy your old boots could be.

Words: Sophie Catsoulis