5 normal human emotions when Christmas shopping


Some of us are totally organised, planning and buying Christmas gifts months in advance and relaxing in December. The rest of us, however, experience these five normal human emotions when braving the Christmas shopping crowds.


Some of us can feel a little Scroogey when confronted with how much money we’ll have to part with to spoil our loved ones. Hey, it’s an expensive time of year, so we’re all allowed a little gripe over the damage done to our bank accounts.



This is usually the part where you’ve finally thought of the perfect gift and you can’t wait to see your loved one’s face when they open it! This is one of the most fun parts of Christmas – making people smile.


Usually right after you’ve gone through all this trouble to get a particular gift, gotten it home and pulled it out of the bag for a second look – and you suddenly think, 'what if they hate it?!' Fear not !If you’ve thought it out carefully, they’re sure to love it!


We’ve all got a little Grinch in us, especially when the gift you’re desperate to buy is sold out everywhere, or when you’re experiencing car park road rage.



There is no better feeling than getting home from your last Christmas shopping trip, knowing you’re bought everything you need to and can relax. It’s time to put your feet up and just look forward to the Christmas Day food now!

Words: Hanna Sloan