5 Items you have to banish from your wardrobe

It’s time to say bye–bye to your cherished fashion items that are not only a must go from your wardrobe, but from your life!

Saying goodbye to your pre-loved clothes should be as easy buying new ones, but for some reason, it’s really (I mean really) hard. I know that whenever I decide my wardrobe needs a freshen up, I get emotionally attached to my Veronicas enthusiast shorts from my teenage years or my pink pumps that should have never seen the light of day.

And if you’re anything like me, you’ll understand the emotional turmoil of bagging up these precious pieces of clothing. However, after it’s all done, you'll feel like a new women; empowered, enlightened and oh, did I mention the extra wardrobe space?

Here’s how to be out with the old with “no ragrets.”

1. Be free of the “too-tight”

The struggle is real when you’re getting ready for a catch up with the girls and your favourite pair of skinny jeans won’t zip up. Have no fear my friend, this has happened to all of us! Instead of breaking down and deciding not to go out, just relax. Remove the old ones from your wardrobe (unless you are keeping them for motivation to fit back into) and replace them with a new pair that will make you feel #flawless.

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2. Fill out the holes

You know that old T-shirt you wear that has so many holes it could pass for fishnet stockings? Even though the fabric that is still intact is super soft to sleep in, you need to let it go. Just bin it girlfriend. And if you’re having some serious issues going cold turkey, turn the T into a cleaning cloth for your car or even your bathroom. (though, I feel like that hurts more: out of sight, out of mind)

3. So long shoes

If you have enough shoes to start up your own boutique, it might be time to sift through your collection. Go through your pumps and sort them out from most worn, to sometimes worn, to “wait, when did I buy these?” After that, share some shoe love by donating your never wears to charity. Not only will you feel good, but you’re doing something great for others.

4. Your ex-boyfriend's sweater

There’s nothing to say about this one. Bin it, burn it, be rid of it.

5. Mishap misfortunes

It’s the clothes that hang in your wardrobe that belong in the “I’ll have an occasion for that someday” genre. But let’s face it, that occasion may never come around and you’ll have that jungle costume for the next 10 years. Instead of just throwing clothes out, make a fun day out of it! Sell them for a little extra cash-ola, donate them or even go to a suitcase rummage with your besties!

Just remember ladies that letting go of your old fashion faves is not abandoning them! It’s something that is going to make you feel fabulous, your wardrobe will be organised and uh duh, extra closet space means room for new goodies!

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Words: Grace Holgate