5 gadgets every man needs in their life in 2017

How many of these gadgets do you need in your life?

It’s 2017, and there are certain gadgets that all men need in their life. If you don’t have these already, we suggest you head to the shops or add them to your birthday wish lists. Here’s the top 5 gadgets every man needs in 2017.

Coffee machine


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It’s a fact that modern society can’t function without our daily coffee. Get yourself one of these bad boys and you’re guaranteed to always have a successful day.



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For when you do all of those manly things. A reliable torch is seriously handy. Especially when there’s a major blackout, you're camping or something needs to be fixed in dim lighting.

A proper pair of headphones

It’s time to look after your eardrums and invest in a proper pair of headphones. Plus, the sound is amazing.

Men’s groomer


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Love to rock that 5 o’clock shadow even in the AM? A men’s groomer will help you shape and maintain your desired amount of facial hair.

Dash cam


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We’re sure you've watched plenty of the dash cam videos circulating Facebook, but these are an essential for your car. You never know what can happen, and who knows you might just capture something that goes viral!