3 watch styles every modern woman needs

Now is the perfect time to start creating your collection

It’s no secret that us modern-day women are always working to a deadline. Between juggling our careers, relationships, health and happinesss with the weekly girls brunch date thrown into the mix, keeping to schedule can seem almost impossible. That’s why now, more than ever it’s essential for us to have a selection of chic and practical timepieces to take us from Pilates class, to boardroom and date night.

Forget having just the one watch that never leaves your wrist, it’s all about having a curated collection of timeless (or should we say time-keeping) styles. To celebrate the launch of the Calvin Klein watches + jewelry collection, we have created the ultimate guide of the 3 watch styles every woman needs in their life.


For the office

You’re in need of a stylish, chic piece that is practical, keeps you on time to your work meetings (and the almost weekly lunchroom Birthday celebrations), all with a hint of stylish flair. Now is not the time for watches that are hard to read, so select additions with a bigger face. Minimalistic styles are being widely coveted so opt for metallic styles in silver or gold.


For gym class

Never be conveniently late to that Pump Class again! Forget big, bulky rubber bands, now it’s all about sleek sophistication whilst working up a sweat. Select monochromatic styles in the one shade, or choose a notably more polished piece with a metal face and contrasting band.

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For play

Now is the time to play with your aesthetic and experiment with an array of tones and textures! Go with feminine and elegant styles or quirkier additions – whatever you feel reflects your personality the most. You can never go wrong with rose gold for a chic look, or have fun with your favourite shade of the season for a wholly unique style.

To view Calvin Klein’s complete collection and begin creating your own head to their official website.