3 easy outfits to take you from day to night

Day to night, effortlessly.


You’re busy. You’ve got a full social calendar to match your brimming business agenda. You’re all about looking stylish in and out of the office, but sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day for a costume change.

But what happens when last meeting of the day has run late and you have happy hour plans? Not to worry – there are a few outfit staples that are easily transformable for stress-free day to night dressing. Wear one of these looks when you're on-the-go, and you’ll be able to switch up your style faster than you can say, “fashionably late!”


The practical pencil skirt

The working woman’s staple item, the pencil skirt can go a long way if you know how to style it right. Consider picking up pencil skirts in a variety of bold colours to keep your wardrobe fresh and versatile. As a pop of colour, your pencil skirt instantly transforms from drab to fab. And depending on your office’s dress code, sexy pairing is a set of lace up heels.

The do-it-all dress

Some might chalk up the little black dress to be a girl’s ultimate go-to garment, but other women might find a printed frock to be her cup of tea. Why a printed dress? A high neckline and modest length will ensure you’re keeping it classy in the conference room, but a playful print is less stuffy for when you grab a drink afterwards.

Tie it up with the perfect pants

It's a work wardrobe must. Chances are, you already have some great pairs of black pants, but you can turn up the trendiness with a chic pair of high-waisted, tie waist pants. The tighter style (ensure they work within your existing dress code) offers a modern twist on the too-tired boardroom garb. Incorporate gold jewellery, an eye-catching clutch and a pair of sassy shoes to amp up this outfit as soon as the clock strikes 6 p.m.

On your next shopping day, consider investing in some core pieces that will serve double-duty purposes. There’s something to be said about the woman who can shop with both conferences and cocktails in mind. Whoever said not to mix work with play must not have been very savvy!