3 Capsule wardrobe essentials you need this season

Would you like to know the secrets to elevating your style?

No, we’re not talking about your typical wardrobe essentials. For now, forget about the little black dress, crisp white shirt and well-fitted denim jeans. Today, we’re going to cover the necessities of 3 accessory wardrobe essentials every stylish woman needs to elevate her fashion game.

Bold luxury timepiece

Ever wanted to own something familiar but new, an accessory that is effortless yet speaks volumes about your style and status? One that is a fashion statement but is also practical? Well, investing in a designer-brand timepiece is the answer.

There is an array of options available, from leather wrist bands, diamond bezel faces, limited edition collector favourites in 18k gold, modern designs or vintage creations dating back to the 1940s. Price points vary from affordable digits all the way through to an indulgent and extravagant dollar value.

A watch is more than an accessory. It demands attention whilst illustrating poise and elegance. It highlights your strength to live in the moment but also respects tradition by honouring time.

Imagine wearing one of these luxurious watches to an important office meeting or a fancy candlelit dinner on date night. All that’s left is to find a watch that suits you, fasten it tight on your dainty wrist and work it like a girlboss!

Chunky cocktail ring

Would you like to know the secrets to elevating your style?

Bling baby! Every fashion lover should own a chunky cocktail ring. When you’re choosing a statement piece, think about your personality. This is frosting on the fingers so it should stand the test of time.

Usually, this is looked at as the ultimate fashion statement. It should be worn on the index finger of the right hand. It’s commonly a more bold and colourful design. Consider unexpected gemstones in hues of pastel pink, emerald green, deep sapphire blues and possibly go for the shock factor of black!

Show it off at a fancy event or when you’ve just had a fresh manicure. It’s flirty, fun and fabulous!

Dainty diamond studs

Simply put, they’re a classic. Dainty diamond studs are uncomplicated, luxurious and feminine. They can be worn during the day against your corporate attire for a subtle hint of style or can be teamed perfectly against a couture evening gown for a black-tie event.

Diamonds are not only gorgeous, but they’re versatile. Available in a range of shapes and sizes, a pair such as this is graceful and demure. You can swoop your hair to the side or even flick it up into a top-knot and there’s just enough glimmer on your ear lobes to create interest.

No matter the occasion, diamond studs will effortlessly complement your look.