3 Accessories Musts For Your Wardrobe

A number of designers within various price points have this as a core part of their collections and this Flower Lattice Necklace, available at J Crew, combines another trend that is a classic - 1920's/Gatsby. With the Great Gatsby coming out this winter, expect to see a lot of pretty blinging baubles popping up throughout a number of accessories. It's perfect to wear in a number of occasions and will be one that you'll find yourself rotating throughout your wardrobe as well as being great for all seasons.



A well placed bangle makes an outfit pop and sometimes you don't always need a large one! By stacking a number of skinny bangles, you can get the same effect and create an element of feminine whimsy and texture when bringing these items together. Over the past few months, geometria has been trending and when placed on the wrist, it's a great way to elongate the arm. When stacked, you create walking art whether you have a number of the same bangles together or you curate various ones to wear together. Rocking skinny bangles with larger ones is another visual layer to add to your outfit and provides a lot of versatility. This is a segment of your accessories you can continue to build upon as you're out and about shopping. This particular bangle is a New Wave Gold Skinny Octagon by Alexis Bittar and it comes in a range of colors to fit whatever mood you are looking to portray.



A well placed cocktail ring is one that can be worn when you're running errands, meeting up for brunch or are going out for the evening! A conversation piece is one that gravitates people towards you without you having to say a word. A great piece that should be in your closet is one that takes natural stones and merges them with fine jewelry. Jamie Joseph is known for this quality; moreover, the pieces are not only one of a kind but they have a great aged antique quality. This ring is an African Sunstone which has a great orange hue which is on trend in terms of its hue and is accented by a diamond. This is a great classic style which has been trending from style experts, celebrities and more. The heirloom quality of these pieces allow them to be extremely covetable and whether you're choosing this designer or another, you'll find a number of price points that will allow you to bring this into your personal style.