25 Things you'll get if you've ever worked in retail

25 Things you'll only understand if you've ever worked in retail

1. Getting yelled at for an item selling out because it's 'false advertising'. Seriously?

2. When customers joke about items being free when the scanner isn't working. You're not being original or funny.


3. Perfecting your most genuine "I'm really sorry about that" tone of voice and facial expression. Sorry, not sorry.

4. Dealing with 'cute' couple fights over who is paying. Just give me your damn money already.

5. Getting the "I'll just shop somewhere else then!" threat means literally nothing to us. *Enthusiastically waves goodbye*


6. Being asked if you work here. No, I just wear the uniform for fun.

7. When you say "Hi, how are you?" to a customer and they snap back with "I'M JUST BROWSING!" You're a terrible human being.


8. Weekends don't exist in your world. What even is Saturday and Sunday?

9. When a customer asks how something looks and it's NOT good. Cue the fake "oh that looks amaaaaaazing!"


10. No, we can't change the prices, no matter how much you ask. WE JUST WORK HERE.

11. Flirting with me also won't make me change the price. Also, you're forty and a massive sleaze so that's not going to help you.


12. Just because you want a refund, doesn't necessarily mean you're entitled to one. Yep, I'm sure those stains are just 'part of the design'.

13. If we close at 9pm and you come in at 8:55, we HATE you. We'll pretend its fine, but we secretly wish you were dead.


14. When you phone in sick and you can feel your boss's hateful glare through the phone with the power of a thousand suns.

15. We know you hate being asked if you need any help, but its literally our job. Would it really kill you to be nice?


16. When you're too nice to a customer and they start rattling off their life story.

17. When someone leaves a disgusting souvenir for you in the change rooms.


18. Having to close the store and open it again the next morning is the work of Satan.

19. When you encounter a customer who is actually nice, you just want to hug them. HAVE ALL MY BABIES.

20. Having to leave your phone in the locker. Goodbye my lover.


21. When a customer asks if something's in stock and you know it isn't but they think you're just being too lazy to check.

22. When you have to smile, like ALL day. #effort

23. Getting stuck on a shift with a colleague you hate.

24. Customers who keep talking on the phone while you're trying to serve them. Rude.


25. Becoming a model customer when you go shopping. Because you feel their pain!


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