21 Ridiculous Splurges or a Gold Apple Watch?

So what would you do?

We are told that its groundbreaking design and personal features will redefine the way we receive information, however, with prices for the gold version reaching a whopping £26,000 it's certainly divided opinion. Crafted from 18-karat gold and with a polished, sapphire crystal display it's the most expensive product ever made by Apple and is aimed at fashionistas with a seriously disposable income. With this eye-wateringly expensive price tag comes an exclusive shopping experience: the watches will only be sold at select stores and will be limited edition adding to the sense of exclusivity and luxury.

Now let us introduce to you the 21 things you can buy for the same price as a gold Apple Watch.

AU Apple Watch Final01

So tell us, will you be splashing the cash and adorning your wrist with an Apple Watch?

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