12 Things to toss for a streamlined wardrobe


We know you love fashion, and we get that it means trying all the latest trends, but there’s nothing chic about a floor-drobe. Clearing out your closet will not only ensure a clear mind, but you might find that fab dress you forgot you owned.

When it comes to spring cleaning your wardrobe there are general guidelines, like making a keep, toss and donate pile and the ‘hanger system’, but often a lot of the clutter comes from keeping, well junk.

These are 12 things that you need to toss from your closet, STAT!

1. Anything with holes

Just because it is your favourite t-shirt does not justify keeping it when it’s falling apart by the seams. And don’t even think about keeping anything to ‘just wear around home’.

2. Broken hangers

Not only are these probably a safety hazard, they are ruining your clothes!

3. Disintegrating shoes

Christian Louboutin once said, “A woman carries her clothes, but it’s a shoes that carries a woman”. Shoes complete an outfit, so avoid making the wrong first impression and get rid of any pairs that are falling apart.


4. Shoe boxes

These take up unnecessary space and by keeping shoes in their boxes you are hiding your beautiful investments.

5. Jewellery packaging

You know those little boxes that your Pandora rings come in? Just toss them!

6. Spare buttons

Be honest, are you really going to make the effort of sowing the button back on that blouse?

7. Too-tight clothing

By getting rid of any too-tight clothing pieces, you will not only avoid a really unflattering outfit but you will boost your confidence by only owning clothes that fit well.


8. Stretched and stained clothing

This includes any and all clothing that has lost its shape and tops with underarm stains.

9. Items that have lost their mates

Unless you like rocking mismatched accessories get rid of those single socks, earrings and other pairs that you have only one of.


10. Spare bra straps

You’re never going to wear those bedazzled sparkly bra straps, just get rid of them!

11. Broken jewellery

There’s no salvation for costume jewellery that has seen better days.

12. Out-of-date fashion

Scrunchies are not making a comeback! Get rid of any outdated fashion and accessories that you own.


Words: Frances van Eeden