12 Real life struggles only busty ladies know

Kate Upton big boobs in a white t-shirt

Ever heard someone say “I wish my boobs were bigger” and thought GIRL you don’t know how easy you have it.

Of course you love your body as it is - big kahunas and all - but there are times being busty makes things really, really hard.

1. You ALWAYS have crumbs on your chest after eating

On the plus side, you do have a portable tray, and if something falls you don’t have to worry about the 3 second rule, your boobs have got you babe.

2. No comfortable bras you fit will ever be cute

Trying to hunt for a ‘pretty’ bra with a bigger cup size is almost impossible. Your choices usually range from black, to beige, to white... to more beige (cringe!).

And what even is a bralette...

3. You cringe at the thought of hugging someone you don’t know very well

And if they are shorter than you... well, that’s just pervy.

Nicki Minaj big boobs hugs young boy

4. You can’t wear button down shirt

Dressing for a corporate environment is really hard when button down shirts are a big no-no. Unless you want to be rocking the ‘gaping’ look [prepares self for seedy looks].

5. And many other clothing pieces for that matter

Silk camis? NO. Strapless dresses? NO. Backless dresses? NO.

6. Styling a necklace is nearly impossible

Statement necklaces just accentuate your chest while dainty jewels get lost in the abyss...

7. Cross body bags are not a stylish option

A permanent seat belt sucked between your boobs? Great!

Sheldon from the Big Bang Therory talks about gravity

8. You REALLY have to prepare before doing any exercise

Any form of physical exercise is a struggle. ‘Just wear a sports bra’ I hear you say... I think what you mean is sports BRAS (yes in plural). First you require the bra, then the too tight crop over your bra then a compression top to keep it all in place too. #thestruggleisreal

9. No matter how late you are, you CANNOT run

Don’t even think about running when you are in a hurry and not wearing the above mentioned combination.

Body jiggles

10. Lying down on your stomach is painful

Meaning you can only tan the front of your body.

11. The simplest pieces of clothing look sexual

12. TMI, but it gets HOT!

When the summer heat and humid weather is here, under your arms is not the only place you sweat... yeah boobsweat is real.

Words: Frances van Eeden