12 reasons why I have a black wardrobe

Who cares what people think, black is forever and we're not apologising for it.

Celebrate your love for a black wardrobe with me.

Fashion is loaded with symbolism which means your style, aesthetic and colour preference speaks volumes about your personality, right? Wrong.

I confess, I have an unapologetic black wardrobe but that does not mean people should stereotype and label me.

Ladies, if you're an avid lover of non-existent colours (a.k.a. black) then fret not, because I understand you and how this can be a blessing and a curse.

So on that note, here are 12 unapologetic reasons why I'm inviting you to celebrate our mysteriously-dark fashion choices, together.

We're basically a walking piece of art.

Black acts as a blank canvas for you to dress up or down with accessories. We're able to accessorise and play with different metals, styles and yes, colours. A hint of deep red on a cuff, a touch of satin gold on a necklace or an array of glistening stones on a cocktail ring. Everyday we are able to create and recreate.

Always timeless.

In 10 years time we will not be hating on our photos because we chose to wear some hideous colour of the season. We won't be found in loud prints either - so our wardrobes are basically in safe mode 24/7 and we are totally OK with that.

It's the epitome of fashion.

It gives us an edge and is forever chic. Considering our love for fashion, I don't feel like this is a 'colour' we should have to justify. Black says play me up or down whenever, however.

It takes us places.

We will always fit in; we are never overdressed or under-dressed. We are always ready for the occasion and can easily amp it up with a red lip or unwind with ballerina flats.

Black forgives

It's forgiving and will hide a multitude of sins (yes, I'm looking at you red wine). If we want to look slimmer - then we say hello to black. If we don't want to fuss about where we can or cannot sit - again we say hello to black. It is basically our most trustworthy friend.

No we are not depressed or in mourning.

Black makes us happy, so yes we are happy people.