12 fashion secrets that we've learnt in 2016

No, Crocs will never be in fashion.

What a year 2016 has been! Not only have we grown and experienced incredible ups and sometimes upsetting downs, what we can ensure you is that we’ve all developed in our fashion choices! Whether that’s adopting a new trend, clearing out our wardrobes or finally saving up for that Chanel bag we’ve spent years drooling over, 2016 has definitely been a year to mark in our fashion calendars!

So, what a better time to reflect on the stylish year that was. Here’s the fashion lessons and revelations we’ve had in 2016.

How to tie a neckerchief

Possibly the ‘it’ accessory for the year, the neckerchief has been one style staple that won’t be going away anytime soon. Thanks to this trend we’ve mastered our knots and the positioning of our tails to achieve French chic or edgy Western looks. If it hasn’t been spotted around our neck, it’s been rocked on our wrists, in our hair or even on our handbags.

Taped cleavage

Thanks to Kim Kardashian’s crash course on taping your cleavage, our assets have never looked more on point! This has especially come in handy for all the busty women out there who are wearing pieces that make it impossible to wear a bra.

Corset with tee’s is totally chic

Yet another trend we have to thank the likes of the Kardashians for bringing into the mainstream, corsets teamed with tees has been one trend that we have fallen head over heels for! We must admit at first we weren’t sure about the look but once we saw how a corset belt defines your waist and creates a slimmer figure we were total believers.

Crocs will never be in fashion

If we had been told in 2015 that Crocs would be spotted parading down the runway we would never have believed you. One thing’s for sure after their appearance at the Christopher Kane show, Crocs will never, ever be in fashion.

A capsule wardrobe is the secret to your success

Ok, ok, we know we’ve harped on all year about the necessity of a capsule wardrobe but if we weren’t firm believers we wouldn’t be such big advocates for it! A capsule wardrobe will last you a lifetime, and despite popular belief you can still be on trend (all while saving heaps of space and money on throwaway fast fashion pieces). Think pairing a plain white tee with an on-trend sernorita-style skirt or shoulder grazing earrings with your LBD for an instant, on-trend style update.


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Anyone can rock off the shoulder tops

The definite top of 2016, off the shoulder styles has risen to new heights of popularity! While it can feel quite foreign when wearing this at first, flashing your collarbones has never looked so good. Off the shoulder tops are flattering on every body shape, and can be styled in a multitude of ways for different looks.

Wearing your intimates on the outside can be classy

Think slip dresses, bralettes and the whacky pyjama trend, 2016 has been the year to wear your intimates on the outside. And what we’ve learnt is that we love the pop of sexiness that these pieces inject into our outfits.

Shapewear is a gift from the Gods

A secret that all stylists hold is that shapewear is your best friend! A favourite for celebs; shapewear smooths, tones and sculpts our bodies without having to spend extra time in the gym.

Accessories will always be your best friend

Let us repeat, always. With an incredible accessory collection you can transform the same outfit into countless of different ones. Jewellery is also a way to inject the latest trends into your wardrobe without having to overhaul your whole closet.

You can actually live with a mini bag

Shocking we know, but there is no need to carry your whole life around with you in your oversized tote bag! With a mini bag comes less hoarding, no more sore shoulders and helps you reflect on the necessities of life (all you really need is your phone, bank card, ID, diary and a lipstick).

Fashion can take you on a forever holiday

Thanks to the Senorita trend for this summer, what we’ve noticed is that a simple fashion trend can influence not only our style but our makeup, interiors, cuisine and holiday wish lists! Never before have we craved a holiday to Spain or constant sangria as much as we do right now.

With confidence you can wear anything

It’s an obvious one but with confidence you can pull off anything. When you feel your absolute best you will exude sexiness, happiness and self-belief. You slay in every outfit and will attract countless of positive people and experiences into your life all thanks to feeling incredible with your fashion choices.

We can’t wait to find out what fashion lessons we’ll learn in 2017.