12 fashion dos and don'ts you need to know


Following the rules does not always get us where we need to be. There are rules to the fashion industry which are made to be broken, laws set to test our limits and myths which just never should have been put in place.


Print on print
Stripes and stars, floral and gingham – why not? In a nod to the 70’s the print on print trend is re-working itself into the wardrobes of the industry’s fashion elite. They’re brave, they’re leaders and they’re trendsetters – all the while in print-on-print.


Navy and black
Done right, black and navy were made for each other. A navy blazer over a black cami, black pumps with navy pin-tuck trousers – it’s all very Western European chic and nobody trend-sets like French women.


Thigh-high boots 
Boots this high are an investment piece and should not be wasted hidden under skirts. Show the world how high your boot budget goes and make sure those tops are on show. Thigh-high boots should only ever be met with super-slim trousers or skin – a whole lot of skin.

Mix gold and silver metals
Christian Dior would cringe but Rachel Zoe would relish in a chance to combine metal tones. A trend for the brave, mixing metals is making waves in the swimwear industry and can be just a lux as it is leisure. How are we supposed to choose just one anyway?


Kitten heels
Honestly ladies, go hard or go home. There is not a situation in one’s life which calls for heels where kitten heels would suffice. They’re just a bit too high for flats and way to low for stilettoes.

This is not early 2000s Mean Girls, this is reality. By all means, wear pink on Wednesdays but please, choose one piece of pink and keep the rest neutral.


Matching bag and shoes
This trend was invented in the 90’s and perhaps should have stayed there. The advent of the 21st century bought about so many works of art from the leaders of the design industry, there is absolutely no need to match them. Compliment yes, match no.

Julia Roberts might have rocked it in Pretty Woman, but that’s Hollywood ladies. It seems as though the typical cut-out falls right where the average woman’s problem areas lie, so let’s not subject ourselves to any unnecessary exposure. It’s as though they’re a window for love handles.

Crop tops
Crop tops serve a wonderful purpose and have proven to be a completely necessary addition to any contemporary wardrobe – at the gym. A warning sign might be if we’re having trouble identifying the garment as a top or a bra.

Mixing pastels
A bit like black and navy or pink in general, mixing pastels is tres risky. We see mixed pastels a lot in the baking or floral industries and while they’re a great take to colour blocking, we should be cautious not to look like a cupcake.


Double denim
We love a good skinny jean, a classic denim jacket or a chambray shirt - on their own. Double denim, while hot in the 80s, is a bit too early-Sex-and-the-City for the contemporary industry to handle.

Sequins and metallic
On the dance floor yes, everywhere else, no. Sequins and metallic scream party, cocktails and blurry early mornings, so let’s no waste that excuse to wear metallic things by overdoing the bling factor during the day. Day light is bright enough, we don’t have to be.