11 killer wardrobe investments you need by the time you're 30


They are the pieces you will keep for a life time, the wardrobe additions you can justify over and over and over and the items you will thank yourself for investing in every day. Beyond the season’s trends, there are certain wardrobe investments which will pay for themselves beyond the monetary value – they’re part of a collection every girl should have when she hits 30. Like investing in property or the share market, these 11 wardrobe investments are about planning for the future. Set these items as goals to reach by the time you turn 30 and you will be set for a lifetime of good style.

Three pieces by your favourite designer


They aren’t your favourite designer if you aren’t willing to invest in their pieces. Multiple pieces from the same label are like multiple pieces of your individual and distinct style. Plus they look great lined up on the shelf.

A Burberry coat
Over a sun dress in an Australian summer or with layers of cashmere in a European winter, any season calls for a Burberry coat. And if that isn’t a good enough reason, you may as well buy the white Christmas holiday to match.



Earrings, a tennis bracelet or a floating pendant – there are some diamonds we wait for the day to receive from the one but there are others we are allowed to buy for ourselves. What’s a girl to do if she can’t shout herself some diamonds once in a lifetime?

A timepiece
For everyday or for one day, a classic timepiece is the go-to jewellery item for when the floating pendant needs a mini-break. It’s the ultimate excuse to invest in a little bit of luxury but it’s also highly practical. It would be silly not to really.

Thigh-high boots


They’re an item we struggle to justify while gazing at them on the shelf or contemplating hitting “buy now” on Net-a-Porter. They might be pushed to the back of the wardrobe for half the year, but when they come out, boy do they make a debut. Invest wisely to ensure the endurance throughout multiple seasons and for decades to come.

A collection of a particular piece
Shoes, bags, earrings or scarves, whatever fashion pieces you’re into, invest big. Your collection should house pieces for the office, pieces for the bedroom, pieces for the Maldives and pieces for a gala ball. Like Imelda Marcos, fashionistas are known for their collections – find something you love and be known for it.

The it bag
Generally speaking, the higher the investment, the more seasons it will get you through. The it bag will be your new best friend, your partner in crime and the trans-seasonal, multi-era go-to investment essential.



Ok, so not strictly a part of a wardrobe but you need somewhere to store your wardrobe when you take that Burberry coat for a spin to Aspin. Good luggage is easily identifiable at the airport, durable for a lifetime of travel and big enough to hold the goods – literally.

A suit
A suit is something you’re probably going to need for your late 20’s and into your early 30’s, a pivotal time in your career when a spontaneous job interview could pop up at any moment. Team your go-to investment suit with your time-piece and 'it' bag and any job you have your heart set on is as good as yours. Don’t worry, the suit will pay for itself.

Something vintage
Even if vintage isn’t your thing, choose something tiny to represent an era gone by, a piece which encompasses the original Coco, something you know has survived a life-time and will survive many more. There will come a day when trends get all too drab and a bit of vintage fab is exactly what the fashionista ordered.

Anything you have been coveting for
This is the fun part, the item you have always wanted but never justified, the just-out-of-reach piece you’ve never been able to talk yourself into. This is your ticket to look past the price tag and towards your love of good style. If you can’t stop thinking about it, buy it.