10 male fashion trends guys love but women hate

An honest look at what us women really think of your style.

So, we’ve covered the trends that women love that guys hate. Now it’s time for us to turn the blame and focus on the trends that you guys whole heartedly love, but us women can’t help but shudder when we see them.

Listen, as a woman I can easily vouch that these are the trends that you guys somehow find trendy, but us women find a turn off. We mean, we’re all for self-expression and doing what makes you feel happy, but these questionable styles truly show that men are from Mars and women are from Venus (it’s way better in Venus, tbh).

Here’s the trends that guys love that women hate.

Singlets and board shorts on the daily

While board shorts and singlets are totally acceptable at the beach and pool during summer, when you’re sporting this combo in the city it’s a total no-no. Keep it classy, people.

Clip on man buns

It’s a hairstyle that is for a certain taste. I know plenty of women who love a good man bun, but for the majority man buns are just so... weird. Especially the style where guys completely shave the sides and leave a strange mop on top. What. Is. The. Purpose. If you’d cut back that man bun to something a little shorter, that’s something we can get behind. What’s worse is the clip on man-bun. Why?

Super baggy pants

We mean, hello it’s 2016. Don’t you think you’d finally pulled up your pants by now, or discovered a belt? Don’t even get me started when you display your boxer shorts, especially the cartoon kind, like they’re your pride and joy.Are you 25 or 15?

Cartoon boxers

We feel so passionate about the last point that we’ve decided that this no-no deserves its own category. Maybe for sleepwear, but daily wear? They couldn’t be that comfortable, right?

Too tight jeans

Ok, ok I know what you’re thinking. We don’t like super baggy pants but we also don’t like too tight jeans? We just urge you to find the happy medium. Please.

Super v-cut tees

There’s nothing wrong with a nice v-neck shirt, but the ones that are cut so deep that your pecks are basically popping out are just too much.

Wearing thongs out

Like board shorts and singlets at the beach, wearing thongs on a night out is a major turn off. No, there is no such thing as fancy thongs either.

Obnoxiously loud button ups

I’m ashamed to admit, but I’m pretty partial to a Hawaiin shirt. But it has to be the good kind. Opt for subtle prints that don’t make us fight the urge to wear sunglasses when we look at you.

Chunky, scuffed sneakers

Especially when you wear these on a date. Please leave these for the gym, or even at the back of your wardrobe where they belong. A nice pair of dress shoes on the other hand...

Ill fitted suits

Last but not least one of the biggest turn offs is an ill fitted suit. It’s no secret that a man in a suit just does something, but if that suit is hanging off you, we can guarantee the magic disappears. Get your suit fitted by a professional and go to a tailor to always look on point.