10 Jewellery Rules to Follow when Buying for Her this Valentine's Day

But let's be honest, choosing jewellery isn't easy. It most definitely comes with its challenges. Though you need not to worry, as Contemporary Australian jewellery company, Stone and Metal have come up with 10 easy tips to follow so you choose only the most perfect pieces to gift your lover this Valentine's Day.

Rule #1 – earrings!

Earrings are the safest gift as one size fits all.

Rule #2 – ears pierced?

Does she have her ears pierced? This is a very important consideration for buying earrings. Don't buy earrings for pierced ears if she doesn't have pierced ears.

Rule #3 – rings

It's not a guessing game when it comes to rings. Size is a very key factor (and we're not talking diamond or gemstone size!). When it comes to fingers, knowing what size she is OR, bringing in a ring that she already wears to assist with sizing is VERY important. Don't guess...

Rule #4 – wrist deciphered

Bangle vs Bracelet vs Cuff. Yes, these are all different terminologies for different types of wrist pieces. If you are worried about size, the safest is to go with a bracelet.

Rule #5 – precious metals

Know your Gold and Silver. Precious metals are not all equal. HERE are some of the best guidance tips for buying precious metals.

Rule #6 – feeling awkward!

There is absolutely no problem whatsoever with asking if a shop assistant can pop a piece on so you can see what it looks like on a real person. Stone and Metal pride themselves on their shops being "dress up" shops not museums so ask away... no need to feel awkward.

Rule #7 – gemstone confusion

Gemstones, gemstones, gemstones...there are so many and if you are remotely confused, it's a great trick to run with a birthstone. HERE is a link to the birthstones for each month from the American Gem Society.

Rule #8 – storytelling

Your chosen piece should tell a story. Traditional heart shaped jewellery is so "ten minutes ago" and storytelling is where jewellery significance, depth of meaning and symbolism comes into play. Look for the story which might be where the stone is from, what healing powers it may have (channelling all the hippy goddesses) or why you chose it.

Rule #9 – easy peasy

This is the easiest option of all...get your cherished lover to visit your favourite store or why not visit a Stone and Metal jewellery store and make an in-store Wish List.

Rule #10 – value is in meaning not expense

This is the MOST important rule of all. The value of a piece of jewellery which is being gifted to someone you care about is about the dollar value and it DOESN'T need to be expensive. It should be about the reason you picked it and how you wooed her in the presentation...of course jewellery presented over a romantic dinner for two never goes astray.

Stone and Metal have two galleries: 3/60 James Street, Fortitude Valley (telephone 07 3254 4454) and Westfield Carindale, Shop 2025, 1151 Creek Road, Carindale (telephone 07 3398 4565).