Your 2016 survival guide to being ghosted

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Welcome to 2016 where ghosting someone and being ghosted are now an accepted and familiar dating etiquette.

Welcome to 2016 where ghosting someone and being ghosted are now an accepted and familiar dating etiquette.

Remember how things seemed to be moving along nicely, your tummy had butterflies when you saw him, date night was new and still awkward at points, he met your girlfriends, you slept over at his house and he promised you'd catch up that weekend ...

The thrill of dating and the infatuation consumed you and then suddenly it all stopped. Not a single phone call, text message, double tap on Instagram or view on Snapchat. The communication went silent for a few days and you tried to brush it off. But then a week passed so you gave him a call, sent him a text and profusely stalked his Facebook account as you felt an eruption of emotions overtake you.

Then, the crazy kicks in ... 12 text messages and 3 (long) voice-mails later - you start to think he might be unwell, in hospital or worse, dead. So you pick up the phone and leave this lovey dovey voice message in hopes that by this point you don't look insane.

A few days later you're a mess. You've called your girlfriends drunk, eaten a tub of ice-cream and cried yourself to sleep all because you need answers.

Things were going so well and now the love trail has gone cold.

That's when you're hit with the truth of every girl's fear, "Hunny, you've been ghosted."


Thanks to the many a-holes out there, ghosting is a thing. So the first step is to acknowledge it. Yup, it sucks and it hurts a lot because you're left with the questions of what if, why and how. But being honest with yourself about the situation and understanding that it is out of your control is a healthy step in the right direction.


Acknowledging is one thing but accepting it is another. This takes time so give yourself the space you need to go through the motions. Reach out to your support system and feed yourself with positivity. He doesn't deserve you and you don't deserve to be treated like this. Know your worth and keep your head high.


It's time to move on. Don't let him hold you back, now you can step up and accelerate. Do the things you enjoy, don't give up on love and continue to live your life to the fullest. You are beautiful on the inside and out. Don't let any man tear you down.

Now, go get 'em girl!