Why you're single and in your 20's and not afraid to admit it


We are well passed the twilight years of our late teens but not quite at the ready-to-settle down era of our 30’s. If you’re among the proportion of 20-something-year-olds who would rather find your next bargain or that secret bar you’ve heard about over a partner, snaps to you. You don’t need them, but here are 10 positive signs you’ve made the right decisions in life so far.

You’re not rushing anything, especially not relationships
We’re hustling doing other things, but finding Mr Perfect has taken second priority. A long-term relationship is exactly that, long term. Long-term living together, long-term sharing our lives, long-term dedicating our time to somebody else - so if it takes us until we’re in our 30’s to find the right person to do all those things with, then cest la vie.

You’re experimenting every way you can think of. Casual dating is a bit of a sex sampler, a bedroom taste-tester, a love making experiment. Call it what you like, nothing teaches us more about ourselves and what we like than being single and in our 20’s. It’s planning for the future, just without making any lists.

You’re learning from those before you
While everybody is else is getting married, making relationship mistakes and pretending they’re 35, we can watch on from the friend, colleague or family member role and take down some pointers of what to do and what not to do. Pink and red aren’t good wedding colour combinations, have the epidural, don’t trust the player. Their mistakes are our lessons.

Financial independence is as important as a diamond
By the time we settle down, we’ll have spent a decade working our Louboutins off and can buy our own diamond, car, house, holiday, or whatever we like really. While it’s nice to share things with a significant other, it’s just as nice to be able say we spent our 20’s building our own empire.

You have the rest of your life to settle down
Our 20’s is only about a quarter of our lives, so what’s the big deal if that first quarter, or more, is spent being single? How are we supposed to know what we want from another person if we don’t know what we want from ourselves? It’s an exciting thought, to know the rest of our lives is going to be spent with somebody we love but an even more exciting thought to know right now, our 20’s, is going to be spent being single and doing whatever we feel like.

You have all the answers to the marriage and children questions
Whatever our aunts, colleagues, grandmas or “settled” friends could possibly want to know about our martial status, we’re not afraid to tell them – our at least inform them we don’t kiss and tell. We’re 20 and single and not afraid to admit it – we also have pre-baby bodies, freedom and independence. Hardly a sacrifice.

You’re busy with your own life
Between building our careers, driving an empire and plotting our lives, we don’t have a lot of time for entertaining a significant other. Sure the odd dinner date, a reason to break out that new LBD, and a bit of experimenting of the odd evening is a good break from reality, we aren’t quite ready for a full-time commitment – at least not this decade.

You walk to the beat of your own drum
What do you want to eat, where do you want to holiday, what do you feel like doing on the weekend, do you like these throw cushions? Just think of all the life questions we can ask others but don’t have to take the answer seriously. 20, single, and doing what we want when we want.

Drinks and dancing with the girls isn’t something you’re about to give up
When the benefits of being single outweigh the pros of being in a relationship, it’s a good sign being 20 and single is the right path for you. We’ll get tired of partying one day, but in the mean time, make the most of it.

Because you don’t need a reason
Isn’t that enough?