Why Tinder is the best thing to happen to us

Forget being played, it's time to become the player.

Forget being played, it's time to become the player.

In the past we’ve been the first to vent our frustrations over the heartbreak that Tinder has created for us. From being ghosted, to dealing with 'fice' guys, enough is enough!

The truth is, we’re currently a generation of #GIRLBOSSES who are focussed on our careers and our own success. We’re determined to find our own happiness and you know if it doesn’t meet our high expectations we will never settle for anything less.

That’s why in our busy schedules dating is the perfect outlet for flirtatious fun. Instead of wearing our hearts on our sleeves, it’s time to take a step back and stop taking dating so seriously. Rather than being played, it’s time to become the player.

Here’s why Tinder is actually the most amazing thing to happen to us.

Swipe to your hearts content.

Forget Pokemon Go, our favourite game is swiping on the app. Finding who you match with is almost addicting, and once you add wine and your girlfriends in on the action you’re set for a night full of lols.

Busy boss lady.

The beauty of the app is that you can talk to people on your own terms. Whether you’re commuting home after a log day at the office or you can’t sleep, there’s always someone to chat to.

Forget being played, it's time to become the player.

Your time.

While we’re all guilty of avoiding messages on Facebook because of the dreaded ‘seen’ setting, on Tinder the other person isn’t notified when you’ve read a message. You will never feel that messenger guilt!

Let your freak flag fly.

And by this we don’t mean being creepy. Sometimes with dating it’s easy to get caught up in making yourself seam desirable, that occasionally your incredible wit and sense of humour can be put on the back burner. This is the opportunity to let your freak flag fly. If you want to use cheesy pickup lines, use them! The majority of guys love banter and you’ll be a breath of fresh air to the dating scene.

Forget being played, it's time to become the player.

Bedroom talk.

While we’re fully against mind games, there’s something so liberating about mindlessly flirting with a guy while you’re in your pjs and eating a big bowl of ice cream in front of The Bachelor. What he doesn’t know won’t kill him.

No strings attached.

The ball is in your court. Whether you’re just after a bit of banter or a night of fun, the option is completely up to you. And what’s more, it’s completely up to you if you want to see him again.

Forget being played, it's time to become the player.

Chance to make friends.

We hate to be cheesy, but you meet so many different people of Tinder. Not every date has to blossom into love. You might find yourself a new concert buddy or even just have a funny dating story to tell the girls.

Free meals.

You know we’re all about that life. In moderation, of course.

Words: Frances van Eeden