What to pack in your naughty night bag

Written by Jessica Lunan

The ultimate guide for your naughty night bag.

So you’ve been seeing a guy for a while and he’s invited you over to his for some drinks and to watch a movie. There’s no secret that this is going to turn into an adult sleepover, but what should you pack so you’re prepared but don’t seem over prepared?

This can take a lot of time and consideration, and TBH we know that you ladies don't have time for that. We’ve decided to take the stress out of this situation and highlight the essentials that every woman needs in their naughty night bag

The bag

The secret to successfully packing for an adult sleepover all lies in the bag. No one wants to be that diva who needs a whole suitcase for one night. Opt for a medium sized makeup bag, that has enough space for all of your essentials, yet doesn’t look OTT. Select bags in neutral or dark colours because you don’t want anything to scream “Look at me! I’m staying the night and I’m prepared!” Go by the mantra subtle is sexy.

Take it off

There’s nothing sexy about waking up with panda eyes and smudged lipstick after a night of fun. Makeup wipes in these scenarios are your BFF. You’ll wake up looking fresh, and what’s more irresistible than that?

Silky smooth

Keep your skin silky smooth and pack a tester moisturiser for your face and body. Get your man in on the fun and have him help you with those hard to reach places. Hey, a girl has gotta moisturise!

First base

It’s the age old question that separates many women. Do you pack foundation or not? There’s no way your man would be scared of seeing your bare face (he’s sure to have seen a lot more) but it’s always nice to have an option for a light coverage. Opt for a light weight primer (to make sure everything stays in place during the fun), BB cream will give you a gorgeous glow, and when paired with a light dusting of bronzer he won’t be able to keep his eyes off you.

All in the eyes

It’s proven that eye contact builds sexual tensions and can help get the sparks flying. So why not give him something to look at? Pack an eyelash curler and your favourite mascara to perfectly frame your peepers.

Locking lips

Keep those lips moisturised and pack a lip balm. No guy loves red lipstick smudged all over his face, so opt for natural matte tones.

Tame your mane

Avoid waking up with your hair in a tangled mess and pack hair clips, dry shampoo and texturising spray.