Texting decoded: What his emoji's really mean

Written by Jessica Lunan

The emoji's he sends you decoded!

Who doesn’t love a good emoji? With a simple smiley face you can turn a somewhat brazen statement into a friendly one, and for those pro’s out there, string a sentence together using only the cute emoticons.

But with the countless of emojis comes certain meanings that can be taken way out of context thanks to an ill-fitting choice of emoticon.

As self-confessed emoji pros, we’ve decided to share with you the emoji’s hidden meanings that you should always think double twice before sending this to someone other than your best girlfriends.

1. The winky face

The original emoticon that can cause a surreal amount of sexual tension between yourself and your special someone. Yet for some reason people don’t seem to grasp the true meaning of this flirtatious emoji. Sending one of these to your boss, or worse receiving one from your mum when she texts you about your parent’s weekend away will have you reaching for a bucket!

2. The smirk

The next step from the winky face, the smirk is usually saved for when talking about things in the bedroom and a universal fave for notorious f*boys. This emoji means business so please make sure you’re ready to commit before pressing send! Again, please never send to your boss.

3. The love heart smooch

A super cute emoji which can elevate your relationship status. While this is one you may commonly send to your loved ones, this simple emoticon will have your heart racing when you send it to your potential boyf for the first time.

4. Eggplant

Of course, the worlds f*boys have found an emoji that leaves us women retching when we receive a text containing this vegetable. Don’t be daft, they are never actually talking about making a stir fry when they send you this... more like a stir fry of your body. Sorry, we couldn’t help that one!

5. No emotion smiley face

If you receive this smiley face from a new Tinder match delete the app, get a new phone number and find a new apartment because you have officially been in contact with a serial killer.

6. The spraying water

It may seem like an innocent spraying of water perfect for when talking about going to the beach on a hot summers day, but it has a much dirtier meaning. Especially when followed after the eggplant... yep, scarred for life.

7. Peach

Brought to attention by Kimmy K, this super cute emoji is famous for representing derrieres. If your man hits you up asking what you are doing and your reply “eating a peach” even if you are, we can guarantee he’s going to be thinking of something a lot raunchier.