What his kissing style reveals about his bedroom ways

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Do you remember that scene in The Princess Diaries where Mia finally has a kiss that makes her leg pop? The right kiss can be a magical moment and transport you out of your body...

If you’ve been partaking in the dating scene for a while now, chances are you’ve experienced a range of kisses; from the face sucker to the tight-lipped awkward peck.

While we can’t answer the age old question, ‘can a kiss tell if he is the one?’, there is definitely one thing his kisses do reveal; his bedroom style.

Find out what his kiss reveals about his ways in the bedroom.

Rachel and Mike kiss on Suits

His kisses are... soft and teasing

He is a man who likes to take his time in the bedroom and he will make you work for it. He is in no rush to get to the finish line. His caresses will have you longing for more as he gets to know you on a deeper level.

His kisses are... a tight-lipped peck

This is a guy that won’t open up to you or show a sensual side at all. This kissing style reveals that he is not at all comfortable with intimacy, meaning there won't be any passion or excitement. 

His kisses are... forceful and he bites your lip

He’s probably not too worried about pleasing you or going at your pace. This kiss is also an indication that he will expect you to be submissive in the bedroom and he won’t be attentive to your desires.

His kisses are... like a tongue tornado in and around your mouth

If he kisses you like this, he is only after one thing and cannot wait to get you into the bedroom. The only way to describe him is like a hungry pitbull. Be warned, things could get rough...

His kisses are... either like a manic lizard tongue or a vaccuum

We've all experienced this really awkward situation! If he kisses by sucking on your face or poking his tongue in and out of your mouth like a lizard, he most likely has no clue what he is doing in the bedroom, and he won’t be open to ‘learning’.

His kisses are... slow while he caresses your face

His tender kisses says he isn’t bothered about coming across as macho, he is a sensitive guy who craves a deeper connection. He is all about making sure you are comfortable, taking things slow and expect a lot of deep talk.

His kisses are... perfectly rhythmed to match your kiss

We’ve kept the best to last, and girl you sure are lucky! His kiss says he is passionate and let's just say the bedroom situation will be.. HOT! He will take care of you and have you feeling desired and sexy as hell.

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Words: Frances van Eeden