What his sleepwear predicts about your relationship

From superhero sets to skin on skin, find out what his bedroom attire predicts about your potential relationship.

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The first time you spend the night at his place can be a daunting experience for a whole lot of reasons. Besides prepping for the obvious action between the sheets, you have to plan ahead. Should you bring a toothbrush, your straightener... pajamas?

As woman, there is a fine line between what is acceptable and being over prepared to the point where you WILL freak him out. But what about the boys? Here's how to dissect what he wears to bed and figure out exactly what it means about him. 


Oh dear... If you ask us, going commando early on is definitely a major red flag. His obvious arrogance (and pride in his manhood) is a sure sign that these sort of escapades aren't a rare occurrence, no matter how many times he tells you 'you're the only girl I'm talking to'.

Our advice? Grab your heels and call it a night. You deserve a guy who treats you like a lady, or at least throws some undies on!

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Superhero set

One word: run. This is a guy with some serious mummy issues that you do not want to be a part of. Spare yourself the tears (on his end) and get out early. Clothes say a lot about a person, so expect this immaturity to extend a lot further than a pair of pjs. No matter how cute his spider man shorts are, do you really want to date a 5 year old?

Boxer shorts

He throws on a nice pair of boxers? No complaints on our end! It's the happy medium. He's a guy that gets you. He's comfortable enough to lounge around in his intimates, but without leaving you to make awkward eye contact with his little friend all night long.

Not to mention it's perfect for snuggling; cuddly skin contact on top, and no nasty midnight surprises down below!


An odd choice to say the least. We're not sure how to describe this guy! We assume he's quirky and a little bit cheeky, but unless you live in Antarctica, is this really necessary? Especially early on in your relationship, this is a very weird (and a little presumptuous) thing to bring to a sexy sleepover.

Our verdict: he's a bit too quirky for our liking, but if you're digging the full body zipper, don't let us stop you!

Bikini briefs

We're not sure how to feel about this... Do they even make these in adult sizes? It's a bit too much information if you ask us. If you're not 8, or 80, it might be time to grab yourself a pair of proper briefs. He's obviously a bit clueless, but he seems harmless to us. We suggest dropping a few subtle hints about your underwear preferences and pray he catches on!

So there you have it. Now you know exactly what to think next time he jumps into bed. Don't believe us? We warned you!

Words: Sophie Catsoulis