Thoughts when your relationship is new at Christmas

To get him family a present or not to get his famly a present, that is the question!

New romances are always exciting especially as they transition from blossoming first feelings to things becoming intimate. But if there’s one thing for sure, when you suddenly find yourself in a relationship (especially when you had no original intentions at the beginning) it can be hard to bid farewell to your single days and adjust to being a taken woman. And this is especially strange when you suddenly find yourself in a relationship at Christmas time.

Here’s the thoughts you have when you suddenly find yourself in a relationship during the festive season.

1. Is it too soon to get him a present?

2. We’ve only been official for a few weeks, I don’t expect him to get me one...

3. Wait what am I thinking, yes I do!

4. But what should I get him... guys are so hard to buy for!

5. I wonder what he’ll get me...

6. I hope it’s not earrings, I never wear earrings!

7. Is it too desperate to give him a list?

8. What am I thinking, whatever it is will be perfect.

9. But what if he doesn’t get me anything?

10. Maybe I should bring this up to him...

11. But will that be awkward? Will that make me look like I’m expecting something?! Because I’m totally not expecting anything...

12. Wait... does this mean I have to buy his mum something too?

13. And if I’m buying his mum something does that mean I have to get his dad and siblings something as well?

14. I’ve only met them once, I don’t even know what they like!

15. And I’ve met his grandma... do I get her something as well?!

16. I wonder if he’ll get my family something...

17. Ok I definitely need to ask him about this!

18. But wait, will this make me look crazy?

19. But, I mean, Christmas is serious business!

20. Maybe I could get his whole family scented candles... mum always loves them.


21. But will that look like I haven’t put any thought into it?

22. Can I get his dad a scented candle?

23. Wait... does he expect me to go to his on Christmas day?

24. I mean it’s not that I’m scared... but is it too soon to meet his whole family at Christmas?

25. Should I tell my mum that he might be coming to ours on Christmas day too?

26. I’m so not ready for him to meet my crazy family.

27. Maybe he’ll take one look at them and run for the hills!

28. But what about New Year’s... the girls are all going out, I wonder if he’d be keen to come out too?

29. Or would he expect me to do something with his mates?

30. Idon’tknowwhattodo!

31. Ok, ok calm down... back to Christmas.

32. What should I get him for Christmas?

33. I wonder what he’ll get me?

34. I really hope it’s not earrings...