The naughty drawer essentials inspired by Samantha Jones

Ladies, you know what we're talking about today, it's that saucy drawer that holds one too many naughty secrets.

Lingerie is a naughty drawer essential that all women must have

Well, we are all grown women here and if there is one thing we have learnt from Sex and the City's risque character, Samantha Jones, it is that we CAN have it all! The sex partner, the orgasm and serious style.

Like any well thought-out wardrobe, there are a few essentials that every woman needs. But this time, these must haves are a little more experimental and have to be within arms reach. So we've taken inspiration from Miss Jones and carefully selected a few sexy items that are sure to spice up your life when you're flying solo or with a co-pilot.

An array of sexy lingerie

In this case, your lingerie choice is just an accessory and yes, less is definitely more! From barely there g-strings to brightly coloured nipple tassels - these little additions are sure to surprise your pleasure partner and... turn things up a notch.

Lubricants and condoms

It's a major buzz kill when he's under-prepared, so why not have a little stash of condoms ready to go. Oh, and lubricant - do we even need to explain this? The whole slip and slide action is always more fun when things aren't dry.

A toy or two or heck, why not a little tool box

Sex toys are a fun way to speed things up or slow them down. Riding solo? Then nothing guarantees pleasure like a battery operated friend. But honestly, we as women usually take a little longer to reach climax so introducing a vibrator with your partner will, well - we'll leave it up to your imagination.

Oh, and don't forget about hand cuffs, whips and the list goes on. Variety is key!

The naughty drawer essentials every woman needs

Candles to set the mood

A sexy, warm atmosphere will amplify and enhance that sultry bedroom experience. A dimly candle lit room will set the mood in style.

Feminine wipes to keep things effortless

After things get hot and heavy, they also get a little sticky and messy. So having those feminine wipes within arms reach means the clean up is less than tricky.

Adult board games for fun

Breaking the ice isn't always easy. Maybe he's nervous, maybe you don't want to be too forward, slowing things down and teasing your way to sexy is the perfect approach. A naughty board game calls for some cheeky fun and a little adventure. And if he plays his cards right - a mind blowing prize awaits.

Now go ahead and play!