The key to happiness & success lies within your mindset

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Being sexy is an inside job...

It has everything to do with our thinking and how we choose to experience the world. We could be handed a blank cheque and given access to the sartorial elegance of Zimmerman, but if the story your inside head isn’t screaming “sexy” then something on the outside can’t create it for us.

Did you know that most of us are not able to articulate what makes us special and why we stand out?

Even though we all have our strengths and are in many ways uniquely special.

Why then do so many of us fail to shine?

Many of us women suffer unnecessarily from out dated thinking, which can affect our everyday lives in dramatic ways. It can separate the successful people in this world from the unsuccessful, it can mean the difference between loving someone or disliking someone and it can decide whether you are happy or disappointed with yourself.

Yes, I am saying how you think can affect EVERYTHING in your life!

Our beliefs and thoughts can wreak havoc in our relationships, mess with our emotions and affect how productive we are day-to-day.

Self conscious manequins

So where do our beliefs and thoughts come from and why are they so different to people in our lives?!

Our thoughts come from each and every experience we’ve had in our lives and it can be super challenging because we have all had different experiences growing up, we are all different in what we think and believe! This can make it challenging to communicate and understand each other effectively... especially when it comes to our hook ups and partners.

Because our thinking can help us succeed or hold us back - like believing we can achieve a goal or doubting ourselves – we should detox our beliefs and upgrade our thinking-system regularly.

Here you can check if your thinking system needs an upgrade and whether your thoughts are hurting you or helping you.

Helping you

“I know this is difficult but I will get better”

Hurting you

“I’ll be depressed forever”

Helping you

“He didn’t call me, I hope he is ok”

Hurting you

“He didn’t call me, he must not like me”

Helping you

“If I am angry, I must be thinking something to make me so”

Hurting you

“If I am angry, you must have done something to make me so”

Helping you

“She didn’t say hello to me, she must not have seen me”

Hurting you

“She didn’t say hello to me, she ignored me on purpose”

KateDownProfileKate Down is a behavioural scientist and Associate member of Australian Psychological Society, who specialises in social and emotional intelligence and rational thinking. Her passion is fuelled by the belief 'people power people' and the mission to enhance the quality of life of 1, 000, 000 people across the globe by 2020 through inspiring real conversation on real life issues. Hello Elephant is the vessel used to achieve this mission. What Hello Elephant does is empowers people to celebrate their personal power through the simple notion "instead of ignoring the elephant in the room, choose to ride it.”