The Eight Stages of Accepting Your New Single Status

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Healing from a heartbreak and learning to stand on your own two feet is simply not easy. Often it involves a lot of WTF moments and the feelings of pain and agony whilst discovering how to turn over a new leaf.

1. The Heartbreak

Though a broken heart will continue throughout all of these stages, the initial love pains are the most difficult to recover from. It's where some find comfort in ice-cream, unshaven legs and romantic movies. While others will rebel with a new tattoo, sky diving or travelling the world.

2. The Rebound

This is the part where we decide we need new experiences so the last fun memories aren't reminding us of our previous-significant other. A new partner in crime seems appropriate to help us move forward. But often instead of drawing the line at innocent fun, we take it to the next level too quickly. What we didn't realise is that often this is the part that damages us the most. We jump into bed with the 'right now' guy and we feel amazing for the two hours of flirting and the twenty-minute sexscapade. But then it's over, and we leave with messy bed hair, ruined lipstick and emptiness in our hearts.

3. Serial Dating

This is where we seek to recover from the rebound. We realise that experience wasn't fulfilling and we begin our journey of disposable relationships. It's where we date fiercely and turn them over rapidly. Then we discover the line where convenience and fun get confused with loneliness and the desire to feel appreciated.

4. Loneliness

Welcome to the place where we wake up and see that this can't go on forever. We need to find the 'right guy' and not just a boy toy. The decision to stand-alone is here – it's where the path to healing can begin.

5. Independent Phase

This is where we decide to do things for ourselves. We find that strut in our step, hold our heads high and pucker up with our new Dior lipstick. It's the moment where we decide that there is no more time for bullshit. We are going to embrace our independence, let our confidence rise and start doing things for ourselves.

6. There where is He Phase

So we've been positive and sent out a million-and-one single girl vibes. We've invested in our wardrobe, upped our beauty regime and mastered the art of seductive eye contact. But where is he? This level of maintenance takes a lot of work and we're not sure how long we can keep this up.

7. Acceptance

Oh, this is where we accept that there is no crystal ball that is going to give us the time, date and place where we will meet Mr. Right. We realise that now, focusing on our career, our future and ourselves is what's important.

8. He Finally Arrives

All those emotions, the thought of being single forever and the fear of even being hurt again somehow disappears. You've stopped looking and love has found you. Time was the healer and now you are ready and equipped to invest your life and feelings into someone who could be your forever.

But just incase he isn't the one, skip phase two and three, heal from the heartbreak and then focus on being all that you can be. Love will find you - it's our destiny.